Sunday, May 31, 2015

Parties, Planting and Plays

This week was full of people; weddings, graduations, co-op get togethers, a Windows into Challenge meeting and more graduations. It was fun coming and going!

In between coming and going, we did some school, worked, continued to plant, take down fencing, trim and mow. Cub sallies on with Math U See. It was a good switch. He is almost done with First Form Latin and Advanced Biology. 3 Science credits in one year is not bad, if I say so myself. Flower finished another Spelling You See book, completing her last lesson with NO words spelled incorrectly. Great news. She loves knowing that she is learning a spelling system that is helping her master her most difficult subject so she often gets through a weeks' worth of lessons in a couple of days. She is finishing up Prescripts. She loves Prescripts. She said last week, you know the words that people used to use were so beautiful and the idea so powerful. Have I mentioned we love Prescripts?

Flower has been taking violin from a talented neighbor-ish, who also happened to be a good friend of hers. We've also been doing Piano With Willie, which is a terrific on-line music program, highly affordable, with tons of information on the web-site for musician wannabes of all ages.

Drama Camp is this coming week and the kids have been busy memorizing their lines. This is the 15th year of Drama Camp and the plays that the kids are doing this year are plays that we've seen in the past- they are both funny -can't wait to see the newest renditions! It's always a great week, with tons of friends, park time and the hard work of putting together a performance in 4-5 days. We Love it!

The kids hosted TeenNight at our house this week and even though it was freezing out (even with the bonfire and my winter coat), they had a great time making S'mores, roasting hotdogs, playing Spoons (or Sardines- who knows), taking their lives into their own hands by venturing into the barn and running wild over most of the acreage. Occasionally, a coupe of them would venture inside to thaw out. The vote is in and we'll do it again every month this summer.

Shakespeare Camp is right around the corner and Cub has been busy memorizing Ferdinand. Flower just walks on this year, as do most of the younger kids their first year or two. To prep, I think we'll watch The Complete Works of Shakespeare. All 37 plays and 154 sonnets in 90 minutes. You can find it here.

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Michele said...

Oh my word, started watching the Complete Works video, it is awesome! Guess what we are watching next family night?? Thanks for the recommendation Lisa! Hope your kiddos enjoy the camp, sounds like fun! Happy summer, my friend!