Sunday, May 10, 2015

Spring Around the Homestead

Aren't these beautiful? Flower had the great idea to use some of the old stumps as flower pots. Came out just lovely.
We had rain this week, which can be a pretty big deal around here. And we went from almost 80 degree weather back down to low 60's. Flower planted her small plot with green stuff- green beans, lettuce, basil, parsley, as well as some squash and can't wait for it to come up.
Feeche had finals this week and knocked out another semester with great grades and very little debt. He also got his car back, thanks to the love and diligence of our friend Don, who not only gave him the car, but made sure he found a transmission for it, and then another transmission for it. His heart is gladdened. Don and Ricci are humble servants, always giving, blessing, showing up and praying with no thought for reward or prestige. Our lives and hope are blessed because of them in so many ways.
So, once Feeche got over finals- i.e. slept and ate and slept and ate, he and Cub have spent the day de-fencing. Which means taking up and out more of the cattle fencing, held in by 4 foot deep sunk-poles and lots of rusty barbed wire  around the property. It is looking more civilized by the minute.
Found a cool web-site, Foldables, that shows a ton of different review games for concepts, ideas, skill, very much along the lines of Dinah Zike, who happens to have her own YouTube Channel, full of cool and useful educational ideas.
Been gearing up for fall and getting excited about The Lost Tools of Learning for Writing- the focus is on how to think in order to write well. I'm in love. Caitilin, you were right, of course!
And Roman Roads Media is introducing live, on-line classes with both Wes Callihan and Jim Nance. The homeschool world gets better by the minute!
Went to see Age of Ultron with my peeps. What a convoluted mash up of a would be story line. I'd heard great things but it's definitely a C imho, redeemed only by familiar characters and great special effects.
Spending lots of time doing training for Classical Conversations Practicum and it is a class act from beginning to end. The training, resources and materials available to Tutors, Directors, Speakers and the Management Team seriously terrific. They take to heart the adage that a rising tide raises all ships.

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Stacie said...

I really like how the flowers in the stumps look. We are suppose to get rain tonight but I will believe it when I see it. The weather has been nice lately. I can't wait to start planting my garden here in the next couple weeks.