Sunday, May 17, 2015

Challenge A Prep

We are deep into Spring, heading into Summer and I am regularly busy with getting things done and planning for what's next. Our CC Practicum is just over a month away and I am soaking in scientific copiousness and other brainiac cool things. It will be 3 days of sharing the classical model, CC love and talking with new and veteran homeschoolers. And an on-site bookstore. It's like classical Christian community heaven, right there.
In between that I am busy stock piling tons of info for Challenge A- which I'll be directing in the fall. Can.not.wait, y'all. Our group is 1/2 full (Master's class, move on UP!) with several others discerning if it's going to be a good fit for them or not. I have a Challenge A notebook already going, with tabs and sections, files and more. It is going to be a rocking year. Thought I'd share some of the goodness with you -even if you are not a Challenge student, there is a lot of fantastic info on getting organized, Jr. and Sr. High Homeschool, memorization, and much, much more. If I've left someone out, or a link that is too good to pass up, please let me know and I'll add it right in!

Specific Helps
Flash Card Making Kit
The World on a String- Globe Ornament
Infographics on 30 Different Countries
Creating a Geography Table
Continental Blob Maps
Squilt: Music Appreciation Made Simple
Henle Study Guide from Memoria Press. 
Challenge A Extra's Ebook

World Fair Tri-fold display- check out ClassicalTeacher at c3 

Great Posts from Challenge A Mommas
Challenge A: What I Can't Live Without- by 6 More Summers
Challenge A Notebook Organization by 6 More Summers
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Let's Talk About Challenge A by Mt. Hope Chronicles
What is it like to be a Challenge Parent by Half a Hundred Acre Wood
Insight from a First Year Challenge Mom by Half a Hundred Acre Wood
20 Things I Wish I Had Known About CC's Challenge Program from EverFaith
Bridging the Gap - Foundations to Challenge Series #1
Bridging the Gap- Foundations to Challenge Series #2
Bridging the Gap- Foundations to Challenge Series #3
CC Blogs/ Carnivals/Link-Ups
CC Blog Roll, Link-Up and Carnival at Half a Hundred Acre Wood
HomeGrown Learners: Classical Conversations
Half a Hundred Acre Wood
Mt. Hope Chronicles
Suzanne Shares
Running With Team Hogan
Bring 'em on! 

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