Saturday, February 7, 2015

Plink, Plink, Plink- Weekly Report

A little Blog love to get the weekly going:
You can read my interview this week at Homeschoolers at Home in a whole series Blogger Buddy Kemi is hosting.
For those looking for other Classical Conversations blogs, check out Too Many Pies. Her side bar features a handful of bloggers who regularly post about CC (including GG)!

I've got some great reviews coming up, including Radio Theater, History, on-line classes, and crunchy stuff. Review LOVE! 
Did you catch all of this year's Virtual Curriculum Fair posts? This is the 3rd Years I've participated and it is so fun to see what everyone else has posted about! Find link-ups to over 20 other bloggers at the end of every post.
Seeking Beauty- the Arts: The Shadow of Divine Perfection
Geography, Social Studies and More: Globe Trotting
Science and More: Classical STEM
Playing With Words: Loaded Pistols

Cub won a "Best Actor" Award, following in the footstpes of Feeche and KB!
Now that Tantara is over, we have jumped head first into Memory Master work and homework for TeenPact- Cub is doing the 1-week class, and Flower is going up for the 1-day class. 

Homework for on-line coursework is fast and furious. Getting a 1/2 credit of work done in 10 weeks  of time means a significant amount of homework each week. Good news is they are both learning a ton- Flower in Computer Basics and Cub in Myths and Legends. 

Flower has been a clay crafting fool of late, specializing in dragons and flowers (thanks to input from Jannell, Pinterest and Wings of Fire).


I am low on creativity, haven't read much in over a year, and am mostly just keeping my head above water as I tackle three things at once on a weeklydaily hourly basis. We keep moving forward, plink, plink, plink (my nod to Onomotopia- Poetry's trope of the week), step by step. 
How was your week? 

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