Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Classical Conversations Community Day

I Tutor the Master's Class so I try to get my kids up front and leading as much as possible. Here is Mr. J, who has boundless energy, is easily bored ready to move on and is as sharp as a tack, leading the class in Latin memory work. He is hopping on one foot, while doing the "robot" while reciting Latin with an English accent. Yeah, our class rocks. 

Presentations this week featured lots of Bible Memory, including the first couple chapters of an entire book, recitation of all of the Presidents as well as the Books of the Bible, a Book Report and this little gem- a remote control flying thingamajig. Look at that happy face.

How to blow up a ballon without hot air? Our science experiment for the week showed the kids how to do just that. Cool beans.

Throw in water color painting ala Andrew Wyeth, Map Blobbing, an Irregular Verb Tense review sheet and Human Tic-Tac-Toe and it was a full and fantastic morning. 

We followed up with Essentials. Which we love no matter how much I could be re-convinced I missed the grammar gene. My kids totally know more than I do about grammar but I keep sticking with it. Thank the good Lord I have other admirable qualities. 

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