Saturday, February 28, 2015

End of February Crazy Days

So Cub left last Sunday to spend the week the Capital with TeenPact. He loved every minute of it.
Feeche chaperoned Flower's for the 1-day class while I found a spot with wifi and worked. Our State Co (whom I LOVE) introduced me to all the interns as the "founder of TP in our state." I love that woman for so many reasons. Yeah, the "War Years." Oy vey. Getting stuff off the ground is not for the faint of heart.
God bless my sweet friend, Lori, who took her 3 plus Cub and another friend with her for the week, making lunches, keeping everyone in line. Good friends make the world go 'round!

So Cub is exhausted, talked for 2 minutes with an angelic glow on his face about the week and then buried his face in a book for the remainder of the trip home. He has great plans to attend Survival this fall, TP Alumni next year and any other alumni event he can fit in. Maybe working this summer won't be as painful, if he knows what he's working towards.

We have been indulging out Anglphilia with YouTube episodes of Wooster and Jeeves. Woodhouse is a master wordsmith and oh so funny. Fry and Laurie are perfectly partnered, the well-know Downton Abbey castle features prominently, what's not to love?
I have discovered YouTubes of old Wimsey and Bunter episodes but I'm not sure if I'm willing to let my in-head love affair with Wimsey be subject to someone elses interpretation.

Recent Reviews
In Freedom's Cause,
 Memoria Press (I'm going to start throwing oldies into the list every week, as they are still getting read, years later)
Stay tuned for Koru Naturals (Crunchy Love people!), Critical Thinking Press, It's NOT Greek to Me, and more! 
Front Cover

Good Reads: Flower has been deep into the WilderKing Series this week. She announced to Feeche, "You make an excellent Feeche." And we are on our 4 millionth read through of Narnia. She discovered old tapes and that our van actually has a tape player. So, guess what we've been listening too?!
Cub has delved into the Ranger's Apprentice Series, which looks a bit like apocalyptic fantasy.Not my cuppa but I am not a teen-age male. 

So, Flower was reading Calvin and Hobbes this week, when I told her to get back to school work, "But, Mom, I'm studying onomatopoeias! Nice try, kiddo! 

Speaking of which, Poetry and Morrocan Cultures class continues to be a blast. CC Essentials continues to challenge  us. Foundations continues to cause us to wake up in the morning reciting the Timeline! 
Memory Masters is providing drill for all of us on American Government!
The on-line classes continue to cause  a back-up of peeps needing to use the computer. Long gone are the days when 1-2 computers was more than enough.  
Feeche's full load, including Calculus Macro Econ, Bio II and Spanish, has provided him with lots of opportunities to push hard on what he knows,spend time in math lab, and wonder what he was thinking when he signed up for this semester!
It's all good, but oy vey, it's been a busy year! 

Are you surviving the Februaries?

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