Sunday, February 22, 2015

Here, There & Everywhere

It's been a pretty crazy busy spring. January flew by at the speed of sound and February has zoomed by almost as fast.
Earlier in the week I drove to Denver and back for a quick 2 day training. I almost didn't make it as the day was a complete and total comedy of errors starting with a pancake flat tire (which the repairman could never fully explain) and ending with me at a different hotel than my training crew because they could find neither my name or an empty room on the rooster when I finally arrived at o'dark:30.
The first full day I was there, it was 60 degrees; clear, with a full view of the mountains and snow on the ground. Really lovely. But, I drove out in a hurry, with 4" of snow on my car, even though it was still sweater weather, as they expected a storm bringin with it a full foot of the powedery stuff.
Denver has to have the worst road signage in the history of city driving. Thankfully, I made it out alive, even though I feared getting stuck in Toll Road purgatory for a while. I was saved by parking lot purgatory and an OCD toll booth worker. Out on the prairie, it was less snowy and scenic and a whole lot more cold and clear- both overhead and signage wise.
Cub spent the week getting ready for TeenPact and we dropped him off tonight to travel and stay with good friends for the week. I didn't even get a picture of how cute he was in a suit and tie. He'll be gone all of this week, but we did spend the day together- even if it was mostly directed by finishing up and printing off homework.
Friends to the rescue, and Flower had a great time with some of her favorite peeps while I was gone. She did a few Essentials charts, a bare minimum of memory work, read The Wilderking Series (which is where the term, "Feeche" comes from) and made a cool mosaic at art class.
The boys went ballroom dancing and then DQ and the imitible Mr. A spent the night so he could go with. He is a whole lot of fun and I'm so glad he continues to hang out past Tantara!
It's -5 degrees tonight. 5 Degrees below zero. It feels as cold as it sounds.
Flowers Sculpey obessesion has not abated and we have every manner of clay dragon gracing the coffee table at any given time. She's branched out a bit and doing water color, since that has been the latest 6 week focus in CC.

How was your week?

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