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Classical STEM

This week's Virtual Curriculum Fair is co-hosted by
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“If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.” 
― John von Neumann

“On a plaque attached to the NASA deep space probe we [human beings] are described in symbols for the benefit of any aliens who might meet the spacecraft as “bilaterly symmetrical, sexually differentiated bipeds, located on one of the outer spiral arms of the Milky Way, capable of recognising the prime numbers and moved by one extraordinary quality that lasts longer than all our other urges—curiosity.” 
― David G. Wells

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. Teach coding, get girls interested in all of these subjects. However you slice it, there’s a lot of focus on the logical and analytical brain functions these days. Many schools are cutting the ‘extras’ like art and music. While I firmly believe that students need to be well rounded and really

Math, Science, Logic, Discovering Patterns. We have a love/ hate relationship with some of these subjects and a total love affair with others. Either way, we spend time, energy and effort really getting ahold of the subject areas as much as possible.How does one make STEM Classical? Start with Memory work, teach logic, delve deeper. Are Humanities and STEM Studies at odds with each other. Hardly. And throughout history, never. Read about the lives of great scientists and you'll realize that some of the most revered scientists throughout history were also some of the most devout followers of Christ. Because good science is the search for truth, it leads naturally to Christ, who is the person of Truth. It's just good logic.

We do science experiments every week in Classical Conversations, using lab sheets and talking about the Scientific Method as we go. We memorize science formulas, definitions and systems every week. We also memorize math facts, icluding multiplication tables, squares, cubes, measurements and more. The kids get more into Logic as they hit Middle School.

Math is not really our first love, but we make it through quite a bit of it. The curriculums that are keepers, imho are Right Start, Learn Math Fast, Saxon, Life of Fred, Art of Problem Solving.
My best advice is to hire a Tutor once your kids get to a point of understanding that is beyond you. The first law of the teacher always applies and having a competent communicator who can clearly reveal the mysteries of math is worth real money.
 Logical Fallacies Poster $20
Find this amazing poster here. 

Perplexors have been our recent round a serious deductive reasoning fun, along with Dot Math.
And I found this cool game for Flower for Christmas Logic Squares because she blew through the Advanced Perplexors last year and is all out.
Games- play a game long enough and and you'll find winning patterns. Our favorites are Settlers of Catan, Risk, Blokus, Mancala, Ticket to Ride, Monopoly.
"Analyzing Logical Errors- Understanding the ways in which inductive and deductive reasoning processes work can help you to determine the truth and validity if your arguments, as well as roger arguments, and to identify and correct faulty reasoning" (29).
We do actually use Logic Curriculum, such as:
Fallacy Detective.
Traditional Logic
Intro and Intermediate Logic
And don't forget Latin, which is a great logic teacher- we have loved Memoria Press for everything, but especially the Latin program, complete with DVD's. Latina Christiana, First Form, Lingua Angelica, et al.

Good Science is the constant search for Truth, right? We love science, study it embrace it, read about it, and look for it. We do a lot of nature walks and study 'round here; we are surrounded by nature and have seen amazing things. Good science starts with observation and we have ample opportunities to observe. I love watching my kids develop as naturalists. Just today they spotted a Bald Eagle, several dear, pheasants- all while playing outside in the freezing cold.
Living in the country has afforded us the opportunity to see some amazing astronomical sites like the Northern Lights and phenomenal views of the Milky Way. I've mentioned NOAA and NASA web-sites over and over again, but it bears repeating because they are FULL of fantastic information. My kids are on these sites a couple of times a week, often hanging around Dr. Dh who is showing them some amazing space station arm movements or storm systems via satellite.

Other science curriculum we've used and loved:
The Tiner series.
Apologia- elementary courses like Anatomy and Physiology and then General Science in 7th grade and going through Phyics and Advanced Biology.
The Great Courses
Reasons to Believe Academy
Science Learning Labs with Bridgeway Academy; they also offer AP and DE high school science and math courses. The Science Labs have all been fantastic and count for a 1/2 high school credit.
Lego League is the ultimate STEM unit study. Great stuff.

Two science magazines we've read for years: Science News, Biblical Archeology Review. Both excellent. 

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Be sure to check out last weeks VCF post on Playing with Words: Loaded Bullets. 
Next week will feature Social Studies and even more Science.

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