Friday, July 19, 2013

Sorting, Painting, Reviewing

The house. Yes, we are still painting the house. The scaffolding is gone and the men-folk are scaling tall ladders and dangling from the eves (literally). It is 90% finished on 2 sides and 3-tone on the others. Great look, eh?

 We've been doing reviews, yes we have!
Picaboo Yearbook -  you want one, yes, you do!
High School Science- Biology - a CM approach- you will LOVE it! (we did!)
Christi the Coupon Coach -got coupons? Chrisit save 70-90%! Crazy!
Coming up a.s.a.p: TeenProgramming, Circle Time and Global Art. I've got about 8 more scheduled for August- you won't want to miss them. It just blows me away the quality and diversity in the homeschool market- loving it!

"My child is gifted" - just wow. This kind of entitled, carp attitude- that "kids" should have any and everything just 'cause they are so "special" is what is killing families and kids spiritually. Yep, the bar for "gifted" just drops lower and lower. What ever happened to "honest, with excellent work ethic?"Matt is my hero of the day.

The walk-up, room in the attic is clean, sorted, almost empty. The dry wall is mostly sanded and the bad taping mostly re-done. Still a bit to go and then paint (and then the flooring and stairs-argh) and then 1 more room D.O.N.E. Ka-bam!
Summer school?  We've been painting and doing yard-work- the ruined side/back-ish yard from the new sceptic is actually sporting grass, the huge garden is grassed over and most of the dead trees are down, the fields are hayed and the bales gone.
In addition Flower has practically memorized Usborne's First Book of Shakespeare, along with several chapter books. Cub just blew through Lawhead's Merlin. And I've been reading Living Emblems: Ancient Symbols of Faith by Garr. Great stuff; paradigm shifting. Goes hand in hand with Pagan Christianity.
Have you started planning for next year, yet? I have vague ideas floating around but that's about it. Only 2 kids in the fall- which is totally weird. I have a couple items I want to buy (the siren song of the Memoria Press catalog gets me every time) but I have mostly what else we need. I do want to find a great artists study- anyone know of one?
Blog love.
Mark your calendars!


Tonia said...

Looks like you've been busy! I totally forgot about the Not-Back-To-School Blog Hop!

mary sanders said...

Love the house!!!

Sharon said...

Busy summer! Hope the painting stays safe!

Mary said...

Busy, busy! Thanks for the upcoming blogging schedules!

The house is gorgeous.

The Mrs. said...

I just hopped over and read that article. I HATE the words "gifted" "accelerated" "behind." I've been working on getting all of our plans made for next year. I think I'm nearly there.

LaughingLioness said...

Thanks for the comments on the house- it looks like a different place!
the Mrs.- I know, the labels, right? If they hadn't all been watered down, they might actually mean something!

Amber said...

Your house is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your blog with me :) Amber. XO