Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Spin Cycle (haven't we been here before?)

I keep thinking I'll write a post on "Summer School" but I haven't found the time yet. This week has speeded by at the speed of sound and my list just grows longer. A couple of kids did Rosetta Stone and listened to Horatius at the Bridge. Feeche and Cub practiced King Lear lines and everyone is reading something. Other than that it's been lots of tramp jumping, Walton watching, art whatevering, sorting, never ending house projecting kind of summer.

Unloaded a couple more bins of books on one of my favorite fellow bibliophiles, Lori (God bless you, Sistah!). Garage sale coming up (yes, I HATE having them) but we still have tons of stuff to off-load and it costs money drive it to town to donate, so there you have it. Next Friday and Saturday.  If you are in the area- stop by and get some cool barn junque, books, furniture, china and anything else I can get past the rest of the family for cheap.

We've also been getting some inquiries on the house, though we haven't advertised yet; which is great and a bit intimidating since we are in the midst of 2 major projects...
(This is Cub acting weird- he's 13, what can I say? Well, this: he is doing an amazing job priming!)
Such as finishing trim and scraping/priming the house. We are taking the bottom's up method to the house as we have ladders NOW and not scaffolding. So we are scraping and then priming by section. Dr. Dh was an officer in the USAF when the motto was "Adapt, Improvise and Overcome" and we have made it our own. We are getting lots of folks driving by reeealll slow. I'm sure they think we are the crazy folks down by the rivah.

Feeche has been working 2 jobs and just garnered a 50% wage increase at one- woot! Which is great for his bank account but leaves my work crew a bit thin. Since he's been out of pocket so much, Cub has been the main ladder man for scraping, priming (see pic above), bin hauling and overall on-call boy. So thankful for kids who know how to work and do so with willing spirits.
Let them eat cake! Actually, I've always thought of cake as a mere vehicle for icing, but lately the only cake anyone 'round here eats is black bean cake (on the menu tonight- with coconut oil, flax seed and honey- delish!).
The Giving Tree Cake
But, as a lit nerd, I had to post this: Cakes inspired by books!
The Giving Tree is one of my fav kid lit picks. And check out the frosting to cake ratio! love it.

Cause we live in the land of the Libertarian out here in the Territories

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Amy said...

That cake looks so yummy. Love The Giving Tree as well.