Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Time Schedule

An absolutely terrific article from my fellow earth mother, artist, therapist friend, Nancy.
Love this Pope for so many reasons. This is just one more.
I was out of pocket  a lot this week, which means my black board filled in for me. This rocking one, that Feeche and I made together. The list included Rosetta Stone, listening to Horatius at the Bridge, Adventus, Computer Programming, reading, daily jobs, scraping and priming the house. We're definitely on summer schedule and the kids have had plenty of time to do what they do, but we are still getting stuff done.

So: the house- Trim work; check. House scraping; check; Attic purging; check. We took 4 carloads to our friends garage sale last week and came back with 1 + a few extras and lots of cash. Love that. We're planning on doing another one here in 2 weeks so if you are looking for cool barn junque, antique windows, etc. be sure to show up!

Our crazy diet expands as we are now buying hormone free meat. Store bought chicken makes me nauseous. The smell of it cooking, and cooked just make me sick. Same with eggs. I can't stand them. But I'm married to a man, and have borne some kids, that are meat eaters. When they don't get it, they die (well, sort-of. Reality is that it's better for everyone if they eat meat). The organic chicken actually tastes like chicken (vs. rubber) has the chicken smell I remember from Grandma's house and is not nausea inducing. Yes, it costs more. Short term. Another front end-load investment.
On an on-line discussion about how to Get Things Done, someone asked to see my 5x7 cards. Here they are, in all of their end-of-semester glory. Pretty used, bruised, and battered.
The codes are TB (text book), WB (workbook) DVD, TC (Tutoring Center), Comp (Computer Program), MP3, RA (Read-Aloud), CD, MW (Memory work)
The areas are math, science, history, English, art.
You can vaguely tell that it's not fancy or complicated. It's just a simple, straightforward way to keep track of what needs done.
You can also vaguely see things crossed out. The kids take great delight in completion. A job well done (and finished : ), is a good feeling!
Reading the Bible Narcissistically. Great reading from Tullian Tchividjian.

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Mary said...

Ha- love your note cards. The simplicity is too much for me. I like to complicate things. ;)