Saturday, June 29, 2013

Brushes and Buckets!

Summer School 'round here has included some brushes and 5 gallons buckets!
The scaffolding has been up for a few days and we've been painting. We are sunburned and tuckered and paint dripped but the house is looking pretty spiffy. Well, some of it is. it gets worse before it gets better, right?

25 feet from ground level.
It's a great day for "UP" (with a nod to the good Dr. Seuss)
 Feeche spent several hours perched there today, getting the attic dormer scraped and primed.
Of course, he had to climb the scaffolding hand over hand, on the outside, to get there. Show off!
And just in case we forgot we were were Prairie dwellers, the wind blew strong and hard, with clear, clear skies. Not sure if we're sunburned or windburned. Can you spot the Feeche under the attic eaves?

The 10 and 13 year old scraped, painted, cleaned, worked, laughed and joked right along with the rest of us. Flower would like a trip to the beach, and Cub would like the largest Lego set known to boy-kind in appreciation for their labor.

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