Friday, February 1, 2013

Party Week

The theme of the week was
I guest blogged over at Jennifer A. Janes and the title was, appropriate to the theme: You are So Invited. Then it was Flower's Birthday, Birthday party, an overnight with friends for Cub that had been re-scheduled way too many times and another Birthday/overnight for Flower this Friday which included a prisoner exchange that benefitted Cub. (I feel like I've done a lot of dishes this week!)
Be Fully Persuaded - You Are So Invited -

It was our first day back to co-op today after Winter break. Schools were closed yesterday due to weathe and we were holding our breath today. But even at 7 below schools stayed open and so a co-oping we did go. I'm teaching Film Making to Jr. and Sr. High this semester. 20 kids, all of whom, undoubtedly, know far more techno-anything than me. But I've got some good tools (check back tomorrow for my Share It Saturday post to find out what) that are going to lead the way. And I do know story. And Enak (of Shakespeare Fame) is my cohort in crime. So, we're all set. Right?

School consisted of  Apologia's Mp3 recording of Anatomy and Physiology (I'll be reviewing this in a week). Brilliant move on Apologia's part to have Jeannie Fulbright read the book out loud. Spelling, history, math, perplexors, RS German.

The weather was bi-polar this week. A mild wet, rainy and almost 40 degrees on Tuesday and by Thursday we'd hit -11 with -30 degree wind chill. Crazy enough to close the schools and get the soup pot on.

I finished The Handmaid's Tale and started on The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs, which I liked very much.  I've read several from the "Year in the Life" genre:  Living Oprah,  No Impact Man. In the Land of Believers, which I loathed due to the authors duplicity. The genre, however, I like. I've decided it feeds my inner sociologist. Reading books written by liberal, "reverent agnostics" who have 1.6 children, and live the good life in New York City gives me a perspective I wouldn't have on my own. And it fascinates me that so many of them are secular Jews.

Potok (one of my very fav authors of all time) writes that secularism saved the collective unconscious of the Jew (the remnant that was left) after WWII and that makes sense to me. Reading Wiesel captures the horror and theistic torment of the time and secularism would at least make some sense of it all. Jacobs writes, however,  that raising his son with secularism leaves him feeling nervous. But more about that later. 

Eating low/no carb is great. Expensive, time consuming and not very filling, but great. I think. Recipes anyone?
 Feeche and I watched Total Recall this week- amazing CG. Compelling story line. Cool stunts. The little blurb in the bonus features about singularity and transhumanity and how great it will be to leave eternally was both fascinating and creepy, all rolled in to one. The only eternal living I want to be doing is with the God Almighty, not my fellow fallen man (or just woman). I'm simple like that.

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Have a GREAT week-end!

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