Thursday, January 31, 2013

Soups On

It was -11 with a wind-chill of -30 today. Schools were closed. It was cold even by Territory standards.
Best way to warm up?  
Today's fare was a hearty beef, quinoa and brussel sprout combo.

Crock-pot a roast, shred and use a cup or two, along with some of the broth as a soup starter. I used 2 cups of the broth and then added water to fill my stock pot, and then threw in another tablespoon of beef bouillon
Add in veggies- ours were carrots and brussel sprouts.  I cut them in half as I add them to the pot to keep everything bite sized.
I also threw in a cup or two of cooked quinoa, and of course, Spike.
Heat until veggies are tender and eat.
Feel the warmth?

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Jenn said...

This looks like a really versatile meal! Yummy. :) We LOVE soup around here.... Well, the adults do. :)