Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Birthday Girl!

Today is Miss. Flower's 10th Birthday. We found her in our bed in the middle of the night. At 3 a.m. (approximate time of arrival) she woke us up and said,
"I'm 10 now!".
 She is a whiz at math and loves logic and deductive reasoning puzzles and workbooks (she asked for a math workbook for Christmas). As Crewman Gus on Galaxy Quest says, "that's just not right!"

She has a belly laugh that requires you to laugh with it and is FULL of energy and love.
She is a little ham, loves art, crafts, projects and the great outdoors, Lego's, her family, Pride and Prejudice and Beatrix Potter.
She and Cub are a matched set and play and bicker together like an old married couple. He's a whiz at things she's slower at and she's lightening at things he deliberates about. She has had painted nails since day one (Thanks to KB) and Star Wars action figures in her life since then too (Cub put them in her bassinet in case she wanted to play).
She remembers every barn cat we've ever had and wants a Momma cat for this birthday; along with another drawing pad, tons of friends and grilled cheese for dinner.
Happy Birthday to our Sweet Flower!

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