Friday, July 13, 2012

Mid-Summer Week in Review

photo courtesy of Ana.

*1* It's Shakespeare Camp week! Homeschool high scholars meet at a local park, memorize a Dover edition of a Shakespeare play, laugh, goof-off, get costumed, bossed around and have a blast. On Saturday evening, they perform. It’s usually amazing. Feeche is Prospero from Act III on of the Tempest.
*2* Our Monday Horse Camp for Girls has been a lot of fun; based very loosely on the Beautiful Feet Guide to the Horse. We are on Book 4- Misty of Chincoteague. We’ve also covered White Stallion of Lipizzaner, Justin Morgan Had a Horse and King of the Wind. Marguerite Henry is an excellent word-smith and we are enjoying our jaunt as she shares her passion for horses and people.
We’ve been creating notebooks with sections in Geography, glossary, horse breeds, horse information, copy work, and art. I saw a book time-line on Pinterest last week and am thinking about how to coordinate that with what we are doing…

And don't forget the swimming. Some of the girls come  just to swim. Our younger kids are so brown and blond they are almost beyond recognition!
*3* Finally, finally, got Memoria Press Core review up here. Sign up to win one of the literature guides, (TM+ SM) or Christian Studies I.
*4* The guinea fowl have been set free. They ended up roosting our “garage” (billed as 2-car garages in the realtor’s listing- for Model “A” fords, maybe- it was clearly built for cars 90 years ago). They are out an about early and have done their duty by the fowl flying hoppers. Our garden is flowering again and the insect population no longer feels of plague proportions.
*5* Had fresh broccoli last night. Sweet and clean and the most gorgeous green after being lightly steamed. Perfection.
*6* KB is not starting the R.N. program in the fall. Due to a medical snafu, she can’t start clinicals and because it’s a 2 yr program, that adds another semester of outrageous tuition costs to her bill. Re-assessing everything as her job is an hour away (based on going to the R.N. program). Also, the non-stop people interaction is cooking her introverted grits. Back to re-assessing and re-thinking what's next.
*7* Flower has been devouring the American Girl books- she’s gone through the Kit, Addy and ½ way through the Kirsten series. Cub has read several Alex Rider’s, along with USborne’s WWI and WWII and “Warrior” (stealing my thunder for history this year- I can’t decide if it is fun to teach history to kids who clearly know more than me about it or not).  I’ve been muddling along, having finished Dick Van Dyke’s My Lucky Life, I find myself reading celebrity comedienne books bout once a year. It intrigues me to know what makes funny people tick. I finally finished 5 Red Herrings. It’s my least fav Sayers book- too many fine details about train schedules and painterly things- it was downright confusing. I’ve just picked up Accordion Families- another look at the world wide phenomenon of ”adultesence”.
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Angie said...

How loud are guineas? We've thought about getting them, but I hear they're obnoxious. (So are plagues of insects devouring your garden, I realise.) I wonder what our hunter of a cat would do with (or to) them???

Do tell!

Angie in VA (@ WTM)

LaughingLioness said...

Ours are just adolescenets so they are pretty quiet still- we've heard they get loud. We live way out, though so we are not oppossed to "watch fowl ; )"! We have 3 cats adn they do eat the insects but not hundreds a day!