Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Snapshots- Our Viewing Habits

The kids and I ventured down to the river this evening to see how low it can go, and it's the lowest it's been since we've lived here. (It's dry out here, folks. Bone dry). For fun, the kids created waterworks, moving rocks and getting the stream sort of flowing. The minnows didn't appreciate it so much because instead of their safe and secure little pool under the bridge, they started getting swept away. A painted turtle came out to see the fun (and have a minnow power snack) and then the real show began. We saw a mouse. Or we thought we did. It ended up being a weasel. And it jumped and scampered and played at the river's edge, holding us all mesmerized for a good half an hour. We think there might have been 2 of them. It was a sweet time, shushing each other and reveling in the playtime of a weasel kit.
(True Confessions: we don't watch t.v. Our viewing habits are limited to DVD's and the great outdoors).

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Faith said...

Wow, that is really cool. I'd be thrilled because I don't think I ever in all my life expect to see a weasel in the wild! Did you ever read the book the Wainscott Weasel? Wonderful, wonderful book.