Thursday, November 10, 2011

What a Week

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In our Homeschool
Academics consisted of the usual suspects: Math (Cub finished Singapore's Story Problem 5- on to 6!), LoF, Math Minute, Spectrum, Latin - LC I and First Form, History- Midieval and World, Science- A & P for Feeche and McHenry's pre-Chem for Cub, R & S, Writing. We also go out Sequential Spelling for Feeche again. He is much improved over days of old, but asked for more help.

We actually got around to doing some time line memory work with VP cards. What I love about it is that much of what Cub is reading for World History (read aloud so Flower gets the benefits as well) is that so many of the names/ places are familiar.

Had a great round the table discussion tonight about the Spanish American War, WWI, Franco and America's development as a super power. It ended with everyone conjugating poor Franco's name. "I, Frank," Uproarious laughter ensued. This is what happens when history buffs are random/global thinkers. Dr. Logical/Sequential left the fray in self-definse.

We also did a HUGE amount of house work this week
Consisting of painting 3/4 of the basement twice, first with a primer, then the large family room (currently kids dorm) with color. (See the last post for what it looks like). Viking Man and friend Mike texturized last week-end and the 3 younger kids and I got it primed on Monday. On Wednesday we added color. There is more touch-up work to do,  and we are adding a magnetized chalkboard to the area just next to the back door. We're fun like that.
Then we moved everything back into place which took a day 'cause we had to wipe down and clean everything that was speckeld with dry wall mud or dusty and do a few zillion 5 loads of laundry.
This week-end we'll tackle priming the 2nd floor. Then moving stuff around- again- so that we can get ready to tackle cutting and afixing all of the trim- hundreds of yards of it, already stained by yours truly and co. and ready to get cut and nailed on. It's looking good 'round here. Ait is soooo exciting to be making such great progress. The floors and texturizing were HUGE. The downstairs basement is almost done... I'm rambling and gushing. Sorry. It's just so kewl!

Just for Fun
Biology 101: Days of Creation Give-Away, just 'cause I want to pass along the goodness. Here's the review and how to enter.

A Picture to Share
KB's been having fun doing finger waves. Pretty cool, eh?

She had a blast researching Vera Ellen this week - one of our fav movie stars from the era of glam (you know, White Christmas, right?). We love the stories behind people's lives. Whose your favorite 50's actress/actor?

Story Prompt for the week for the High School Class was to create a sit-com. Oh my. I laughed so.hard. All 5 of these kids could make it B.I.G., change the world, rock your socks off. When they do, I hope they remember me fondly as their best writing teacher and convey thier gratitude in tangible ways (I'm shallow like that)! I also have my little fantastic 5 writing group (3rd grade girlies) in the a.m. of the same day. It's so fun. They are so stinkin' cute. We decided collectively that we're going to make a book together and bind everyone's weekly papers, and have a "Fables" Party, like it suggests in the book. Big smiles all around.

Took a walk tonight with the girls while Viking Man jogged and it's definilty getting cold out. We had on hats, gloves and as much wool as we could find. Passed a bow hunter coming out of the valley. The moon was just coming out, full and luminous in the east, and the sun was setting, full of vibrant color, in the west. Evening walks. We used to have that book. Loved it. Sweet and touching. Like our walk. Love my girlies.

How was your week?
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Mommy Minded said...

LOVING the hair!

Martianne said...

You mentioned your cold walk. In one month we have hiked in snow and been to the beach, all within 30 minutes of our house. Crazy weather patterns here!

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad to have found you on Homeschool Chick's link up. I'm wanting to hear more perspective from high school homeschoolers! I'll definately be checking your blog regularly. Thank you!

Hen Jen said...

congratulations on your nominations!! :)

we did some painting this week, too- though not on such a grand scale as you, we painted our kitchen red!! It was a big deal to us, dh likes neutral beige colors usually!!