Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week-end Wrap-up

The basement bathroom has a ceiling. It's not finished yet, but it's up. This was not a simple dry-walling job; this entailed having the electrician come in to do some fancy wiring, drilling a hole through the cement block foundation, building a small soffet, putting in the housing for the fan/light and then finally getting the drywall in. The first round of mud is on and by next week-end we hope to have the texturizing done. My dh is the man.

On his breaks from working on the ceiling, he pulled out a floor's worth of wood trim that he salvaged from the barn, 12" kick board, trim and 1/4 round for the doors. I sanded several pieces to trim out the bathroom door and floor, but ran out of paint so could go no farther. We'll give the rest a light sanding, paint it and trim out the entire basement in original wood trim. Booyah!

Daddy finished reading The Long Winter 2 nights ago, the kids and I blew through Little Town on the Prairie yesterday and we started These Happy Golden Years today. The only way I'll even come close to finishing 52 books this year is if I count the Little House Series. By gum, I'm gonna.

KB and Feeche are kicking back shrimp and soaking in the balmy GA sunshine, hanging with their campaign homies. They'll get back a few days before Miss R comes for Xmas vacation, then her beau, Barnie Fife will be here for a week after Christmas.It will be nice to have a full house for the holidays.

It's colder, down below freezing every night, but we got the trees and bushes covered and taped. Bring it on. (Or don't. I'm all about mild winters).

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