Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Basement Love

We live in an old craftsman style 4x4 farmhouse. When we moved here it had a cellar. You know, like a grandma cellar? A bit musty smelling, bad lighting, dark corners, cobwebs, canning jars and the washer and dryer. Well, thanks to our house fire and a whole lotta working to the point of stiff and tired, really stiff and really tired, we now have a basement.


It's not totally finished (the floors still need done) and baseboard added (in the barn, waiting to be painted and installed), the ceiling in the full bath finished (on the agenda for this weekend) and then painted.

But, it's insulated, framed, finished (vs. cement block), lots of lights (vs. a couple of hanging bulbs), an actual paint color instead of kilz.

Don't you L.O.V.E. the texture?? Adds a whole new dimension to the place.

I realize this is probably a snore post for some of you. Sorry 'bout that. But if you only knew what it's taken to get to this point. I could cry thinking about it. Cry from being stiff, tired, and thankful. Thankful for my kids and husband who work so hard, often times singing while they do so, despite the fact that 2 of them work/school full time and 1 works p.t. (this is like a 2nd full time job, ya'll). Grateful that God, in His mercy, has torn down our home in order to create something infinitely more beautiful.


Mrs. W said...

Definitely a labour of love. I hope things go smoothly for the remainder of the process & that you will post more pictures of all of your hard work. Congratulations - it looks/sounds great.

Anonymous said...

So happy for you!!

Lexi said...

Looking good! I would LOVE to have a basement. Unfortunately, it would be an unwanted indoor swimming pool but I've always dreamed of having a basement playroom and homeschool room.

MissMOE said...

It's beautiful! I can't even image all that you've been through to get it to this point.

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful! What a great accomplishment for you and your family.