Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week-end Blur

Yesterday, after a busy morning Friend Gala came over to help us paint on primer. We got the 2nd floor, ceilings and walls for 4 bedrooms, bathroom and hallway finished just after nine.

Late last night KB and bro were invited to GA for another round of campaigning, which means they'll probably miss T-day here and be gone a couple of weeks. The thought of seeing her campaign homies and having a break from school has cause KB to hum and whistle all day long, (though Flower cried for about 2 hours at the very thought of having everyone scattered for another holiday) even though she and aforementioned bro spent 10 hours feeding baby calves today. They are sore and tired. You know you're working hard when the teens are asking to go to bed!

Tomorrow we have on the agenda colorizing the aforementioned halls and walls, get classes prepped and homework ready for tutoring center.  I'll get more pictures posted of the rooms soon before the end of the world as we know it.

By the numbers over the past 2 week-ends we have blown through 15 gallons of dry wall compound. 15 gallons of primer/sealer/ and are have 7 gallons more waiting to colorize. Not to mention duct tape (different project). The ceiling of the basement bathroom didn't get finished but bills did get paid on time, so I'm thinking it was a good trade-off. Anyone who says paint is a cheap way to decorate hasn't bought much lately.

I love how God has provided different friends along the way of this little bitty house project to offer us encouragement, willing hands  and the blessing of fellowship. Thanking God for all of you who have helped in so many different ways!!


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