Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wrinkles & Wind

In our week....Ever have weeks when your brain is mush. Uh -huh. This week. I want a room with a door for Christmas. Then when details threaten me I can go to my room, shut the door and cry, sleep, sit, stare out the window re-group.

In our homeschool .....we kid sat 3 extras all last week-end;  non-stop fun, evening camp fires and drywalling equated to exhausted moi kids by Monday and Cub and I have been fighting some kind of bug every since. Monday consisted of getting stuff ready for TC and then one big long read aloud.  A Wrinkle in Time was passed around like candy, and KB, Feeche, Cub and I all took turns, and finished the book in one day. The kids loved it. We started A Wind in the Door, late at night, ending where Mr. Jenkins is sucked up in to nothingness. Both notsolittles were freaked out concerned; Flower to the point of nudging her way into my bed at o'dark:30 to ask about just how real that whole thing was. She spent the rest of the night snuggling rilly, rillly close. We finished Thursday evening with the kids outraged that the Mrs. W's, Louise and Prognoskis fates are not duly explained to thier satisfaction.

I am loving my class of 3rd grader girlies that I am teaching writing to. They are so wiggly, giggly and eager to read and know. We are using IEW's Fairy Tales and Fables; good stuff.

On the homestead...We cleaned up the garden this week, and have big plans to visit our friends at Green Acres and haul some organic fertilizer back. We're expanding. The more we read about mass produced food the more concerned we grow; did you know that bananas are now considered a manufactured product? Oy vey. 

We're celebrating Sukkot this Saturday with our weekly Fellowship group. Apple Cake and Challah bread filled the house with their delectable aroma today. We tested one of the loaves of challah with homemade chicken vegtable soup, chock full of garden veggies and fresh parsley.
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Mary said...


Sonshine Classical Academy said...

That bread looks DELICIOUS! I can almost smell it through my screen...almost. ;)

My name is Tiffany said...

Way to go growing your own food. I haven't hear o'dark:30 in a long time. Funny.

Daisy said...

I love making Challah! I think that may be the yummiest bread on earth.

Karen said...

Yum. and I hope ya'll are feeling better. I don't think I've read a Wrinkle in Time to the girls although I remember my son loving it. Thanks for the reminder. I agree about corporate food stuffs.

Kara said...

I'd forgotten about A Wrinkle in Time...I want to share it with our crew...thanks for the reminder :)