Monday, October 10, 2011

Memory Monday

 Memory work this year hasn't been as draconian as in years past.  For one, the 3 scholars I still have at home have done enough memory work that they"get"  it when it's required. For another, their classes require lots so that's our focus.
photo courtesy of The Conscious Life

Here's what we're memorizing this year:

Latin vocab, conjugations and declensions, phrases, songs
Choral and worship music
VP Bible Cards.
Math facts
Cub is memorizing the periodic table.
Poetry. To date we don't have one poem under our belt for the year (unusual for us). This is partly due to the fact that we continue to haul everything up and down the stairs as we work on mudding, floor re-finishing and sanding the 2nd floor and actually living in our house. It has caused no end of disruption, and lost poetry books.
Feeche is going to participate in POL this year and he'll be memorizing 3 poems for that.
He'll also participate in the Festival of One Act Plays and memorize his play for that.

In addition to that we'll review CC Cd's and SOTW Cd's and begin to learn MoH Cd's (it amazes me how much of SOTW my notsolittles have actually memorized!).
And, true confessions, my kids continue to memorize entire Charlie Brown DVDs as well as entire comic books and graphic novels, including but not limited to Calvin and Hobbs, Garfield and the aforementioned Charlie Brown.

What are you memorizing this year? What are your resources?

My bloggie buddy Miss. Moe hosts a Memory Monday link-up and you'll find lots more inspiration over at the Hop Hip Homeschool Moms Button


Unknown said...

The idea of memorizing so much is very intriguing to me. My kids memorize a lot through First Language Lessons and other things I have them do here and there, but I like how Classical Conversations holds one accountable. I'm hearing more and more about over the past few months.

I'm going to check out Miss Moe's Monday post now. Thanks!

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

What is POL? Your memorization list inspires me! said...

POL = Poetry Outloud- a National recitation competition. Check it out: said...

3 Thinking Mothers: CC is a great place to start. Thier CD's are great.
I also love Living Memory by Dr. Andrew Campbell- it's a more sequential listing of stuff.

MissMOE said...

Your list looks great! I'm a great fan of Living Memory, I only wish I had found it sooner. And thanks for the link-up.

servingHimblind said...

Maaan. You are doing all the fun stuff now. I quit college and am reverting back to El-ed. Cool?

Nancy Kelly said...

Well, let's see. We don't exactly sit down to do "memory work" - by that I mean they don't sit down and memorize, we just try to repeat what they need to learn for recitation at least once a day in a natural way. So each of my four students are:

-learning 20 lines from "Twelfth Night"
-anywhere from 4 to 150 lines of poetry from John Greenleaf Whittier
-various scripture passages
-3 verses of a folk song
-3 verses of a hymn
-a piano duet
-a piano solo

At least that's what we're doing at the moment.

Fun to read what you're doing, too!

Admiration, Hope and Love,