Friday, March 25, 2011

How Do You Get it All Done

This week's Saturday Special at HSV is "How to Get it All Done."
I obviously don't get it all done, but it's always nice to dream that it could happen, right?
I stick with "must do's" and a "Bug" list. And besides that I try to discipline my inward drive to do more and more and more because I can get incredibly task focused and drive the people that I live with (including myself) to distraction. So, how 'bout you?

What are your "must do's? The things that have to get done for you to have peace of mind and go about your day reasonably well?

Household:  Laundry has to be under control (not more than a load or two to be washed, folded and put away). 
Kitchen, neat and clean, counters cleared, with several main meals planned and ready to go.
Bathrooms, picked up, reasonably clean throughout the week with thorough cleaning 1x a week.

Homeschool: Daily- math, english, academic day assignments, memory work. Weekly- history, poetry.

Personal: I write and read consistently through the week. personal devotion time.

What's on your "Bug" list (you know the things that bug you or demanding attention because it's just time to take care of it?)

This week it was getting the blackboards painted. Coming up is preparing for gardening season. In a month it will be working on the the house re-build again. I have a list of projects on Ana's site that I want to get done this summer, but I need to stagger it or it will consume my days. I also have a list of writing projects I want to get done. Finishing up the kids school work for the semester, planning summer school/projects, planning next year.

Personal:  I need to come up with a reasonable work out schedule that I can do with my knee and get back to WW.

Household: My bed in the living room. I am really hoping the bedrooms can get done before next winter's seasonal lock-down in order to avoid another year of (yes, that is bugging me).

Link up and share! Feel free to add helpful hints or tips about how you manage your life! Stop by and comment on each other's blogs and don't forget to link back to Golden Grasses.


Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

I have no answers, but I will be watching this post to see if anyone else does! :-)

Ktribe said...

I enjoyed reading your post Very realistic! and great advice!
I linked mine up on HSV page. :-)