Friday, March 25, 2011

BiG & LiTtLe THinGs

My friend Mary, who is a scientist, said to me that life is made up of all sizes of things. This week:

Cub has really started to grasp the Singapore story problems and worked through 8 pages on Thursday. He is also within 2 lessons of being done with LoF Fractions. It is singing to him and he is harmonizing. I love that.

Flower just gets math. It's her thing. She is cruising through double digit multiplication, just cause she like the short cuts. Guess I should really teach her how to carry with multiplication, too.

Memory Work: VP Cards 1815 to present. Did memory games with them like we used to. Flower loved it. Poem this week was Charge of the Light Brigade. They both had it almost memorized. Did you know there was a movie by the same title? Gonna have to check it out.

Enjoying SOTW IV Activity Book though going slowly. The note taking is a lot for Flower though she puts forth great effort. I took to writing down the correct answers ahead of time for her on one of the smaller white boards so that she could copy it. The maps are great- the kids are loving the map and timeline work.

Feeche is really looking forward to finishing up class day responsibilities. He has spring fever big.time.

Our rushing river. Only in the territories can you have flood warnings at the same time its snowing. Yup. Snowed this week with more to come.

My big blackboard is almost all framed. The wire is switched around and I just need to secure the board and hang it on the wall.

I finished Daughter of China this week and am half way through Half the Church. The first heart breaking, the 2nd thought provoking. I'll be posting reviews soon.

The notsolittles have rediscovered The Littles and inhaled several of them this week from the library. Cub is re-reading them under the guise of reading them to Flower. They are as delightful now as they were when I read them to Miss. R 20 years ago.
AG purses. Aren't they adorable?!

It's bike weather cause the 10 foot snow drifts have melted. Cub and Flower are back at it again, leaving mud tracks around the house and spending every spare minute going up and down the long driveway.

I made my very own blog button (check it out on the right hand side bar. Better yet, grab it, would ya?).

And I hosted my very first blog link-up last Saturday! Check back tomorrow for my 2nd in conjunction with HSV "How To." Tomorrow's will be "How to get it all done." Hope you can link up and share your thoughts!

I put a large white with blue swirls ceramic vase full of pussy willows in our off the kitchen bathroom. It is so pretty. It feels good to finally be adding some pretty, personal touches to our living space.

We watched Voyage of the Dawn Treader last week-end. Not bad, lots of great elements, though the plot is fundamentally different than the book. I'll link to my review once I get it up.

How was your week? What was loomed large? What were your little wins? 

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Karen said...

I like your week :)

Now I'm thinking about "how to get it all done." Hmmmm...