Saturday, March 19, 2011

Homeschool Convention Link-Up!

I've written a "How to Manage Homeschool Conventions" over at HSV today,. Head on over and check it out! I thought it would be fun to link up here with tips and info about conventions that you have to share.

Tell us your best Convention tips, your favorite speaker, your favorite conference! 

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What conventions have you gone to  and how did you participate?
Northern CA (attendee), OH (attendee), NM (vendor), Glorietta (vendor), SD (speaker, vendor, organizer), ND (speaker), NE (vendor)

Who is your favorite convention speaker? Hands down, George Grant, one of the great Christian minds of our time, but also Dianna Waring and Sally Clarkson

Who would you like to hear? Susan Wise Bauer, Jessie Wise

Have you participated in any convention meet-ups? Not yet, but I'm hoping to this spring with my friends Ana and Cailtin!

What is your best convention tip? Wear comfortable shoes, take a water bottle, set a budget! See my post at HSV for all of them ; )!

What "great discovery" have you  made at a convention? Right Start Math, "teaching humor" (Dianna Waring), "Sympathize with the heart of your child" Sally Clarkson


Mary said...

I love conventions! Thanks for a great link up :)

TerriG said...

I love going to the conventions and getting recharged. I wrote a post about what to wear to a convention.

Anne Galivan said...

Coincidentally, the post on my website Homeschooling911 this week is titled: Making the Most of a Home School Conference!