Sunday, January 16, 2011

TA DA! The Kitchen and Dining Room

I was chatting with someone yesterday about kitchen remodels and thought I had some good pictures to show them of our finished kitchen. Alack, there were none. To remedy the situation, here they are. The walls are painted "Apple Cinnamon" - a warm yellow. It's very bright and peaceful. Apologies in advance for the glare on the pictures.

 This is looking into the kitchen from the living room. Cupboards are poplar with honey wood stain. Dark wood trim is poplar with espresso stain. The floor in the kitchen is new red-oak. The floor in the dining room is 80+ year old fir. Cleaned up beautifully and unless I point out the match to people, you can hardly tell the old from the new.

 And from the back of the dining room. We have wood shades on the windows that match the cupboards.

Where the peninsula is located is where the old wall, complete with heavy wood door and built in buffet used to be. We hated taking out the built ins but  the one downstairs was too water logged and warped to salvage and the one upstairs was too smoke damaged. The door to the left of the peninsula goes downstairs to a family room, bedroom, laundry room and full bath; currently dorm central.

At the peninsula looking into the kitchen. The cupboards to the right of the refrigerator sit on a wall that used to house an outside window, which we took out. We extended the footprint by 3 feet and put in a powder room behind that wall. It's lovely. (That's the door to it t the left of the block window- it's a pocket). Unfortunately I didn't get very good pics of the powder room. The very glarey window in the back is a block window and sits where an old 6 foot long window used to be in  the old enclosed (uninsulated) porch that housed a sink and toilet and very little privacy.

 Bookshelves on the end of the peninsula and beautiful crown molding.
The cupboards were all hand made and the quality is fantastic.

I might write a song, "Ode to Counter space." The long counter to the left of the sink is the one Viking Man took out, had re-cut and replaced himself due a glaring defect at the seam. Not easy with the corner piece glued. He did a fantastic job- as usual!

From the back of the kitchen looking into the dining room. The dining room is 6-sided. The windows are each on their own wall- would that be an "eyebrow wall?"

 Close up of the upper cupboards.

Close up of the lower cupboards. The pulls and knobs are brushed nickel.


Wonder woman...sorta said...

Oh wow, I love it!! The paint color is perfect too. I must remember that color. :)

Robin McCormack said...

Beautiful! And big and lots of counter space. That's what I like! You all are doing awesome.

Deanna said...

Oh! I am so happy for you! It is lovely. It makes me want to come and cook it, but that would make it messy.
I KNOW you will enjoy preparing meals in it and having lots of wonderful family time 'round the dinner table.

Janet Rose said...

Beautiful kitchen & dining room. I love your cabinets...I picked very similar ones out for our lake house and LOVED them. Such clean lines...they make a statement.

Bright Sky Mom said...

GORGEOUS! I'd like to read your countertop space current house has very little countertop space. A case of "you don't know what you've got til it's gone!"

wayside wanderer said...

Beautiful! It is so open and cheery. Very nice.

Savannah McQueen said...

Just delightful....I wouldn't want to mess it up!

shannon cruse said...

I just found and your blog and Love your kitchen! I know this is from 2011 but PLEASE tell me what color your trim is?? I am trying to find a dark rich stain for our trim but cant seem to find what I'm looking for and everyone tells me I'm crazy when I say I want dark trim NOT WHITE. and this is the exact look I'm trying to accomplish!

shannon cruse said...

Oh nevermind! I just read the whole blog I was so excited when I saw the picture I just instantly wrote to you ;) Looks great!