Friday, January 14, 2011

Dead of Winter

We didn't get to the gingerbread houses before Xmas so we did them (well) after. Still loads of fun. Food as craft, which is an appeal to both genders cause you get to create and eat at the same time.

True Confessions: That feeling of being burned out and just not wanting to do school with the kids continues. It doesn't help that they don't want to do school either (and that's not always "normal" around here). My fall back- after all these years- has been reading. So that's what we've been doing: KB finished up The Lord of the Rings.On the days that she worked Cub would impatiently wait for her to return and take the quest up again. The night after LOTR was over they started right in to The Two Towers.

Feche is finished with Huck Finn so the notsolittles started the book on tape one day when Cub was sick and they've been listening non-stop ever since. The narrator of this book does accents in a particularly engaging way.  We've been having fun working in "dasn't" and "waren't" into our conversations.

I'm still wrestling with The God Who Is There by Schaeffer (review to follow tomorrow). Schaeffer was brilliant and his ability to summarize the philosophy and current culture is mind-boggling. A must-read for any one committed to the Gospel as well as anyone who wants a deeper understanding of why post-modernism is so prevalent inside and outside the church.

We've been watching videos too (This is what happens when it's bitterly cold outside).This week: Sweet Land about a mail order bride and new-world prejudice. It sums up the upper Midwest; Persepolis about the Iranian War; an animated graphic novel. The art work is incredible as is the animation but it is dark, intense and crude. The Special Relationship about Tony Blair and Bill Clinton covers the war in Kosovo as well as how world leaders struggle to manage friendship when there are political needs to be met. Very interesting perspective.

Put Miss R on a plane this week yet again. Grandparents surprised her the next day back in the land of temperate climates with a lap-top. She is thrilled.

Miss Flower has been on a lego building craze, constructing a "Jedi Temple" as well as several "holograms." When I asked her what a hologram was she gave a fairly decent explanation.  This from the child who has been on a Charlie Brown tangent and wants Barbies complete CD collection for her birthday. 

The Chinese Mother article  has been everywhere. Not to be outdone the NYT did a follow up debate. One thing is for certain, Chua knows how to sell a book. What are your thoughts on her parenting style?

Seed catalogs are coming in fast and thick. As Miss R said, the weather has us on house arrest. We were literally acreage bound on Tuesday and seriously wondered if we'd be able to get to the "oil" (paved roads) in time to drop Miss R off on Wednesday.   Can't wait for warmth, sunshine and a good reason to go play in the dirt.


Deanna said...

Sweet Land is a lovely movie.
I really like your new header. Holding off on the gingerbread house making till Jan. seems like a brilliant idea.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Nice Lego!


Jesse, said...

I think hot chocolate, good books and good company are perfectly delightful ways to spend dreary cold days! Just make that your "plan" for the next few days, weeks, etc. and hopefully that will help ease the burn-out feeling!

Karen said...

Reading sounds like a good plan. Do you think I could just read until spring?

Who is your narrator for Huck Finn? My daughter is almost finished with Tom Sawyer. I think an audio of Huck Finn would be a nice change of pace for us- they have been listening to Trumpet of the Swans and Jim Weiss Shakespeare for over a year.

We're supposed to have sun this weekend, hopefully you will too.

HeatherLee said...

The kids were even given a kit for a gingerbread house this year. I was thinking of breaking it out this next week. I am so happy I am not alone.