Friday, January 28, 2011

Books, Education, Faith & Gender

School this week consisted of math. I am loving Singapore Story Problems- they are quite challenging but short enough to not overwhelm. Thinking Skills from the Critical Thinking Co, worksheets, drills, and Cub dug into Life of Fred Fractions. Writing and copywork and history. Science this semester is the Human Body with Mrs. G- R.N. and teacher terrific. Cub also has her for writing. He told me last week that, "Tutoring Center is just not working out for me." Too bad we don't agree. His writing has improved dramatically and yesterday he sat down and wrote a page and a half retelling without blinking an eye, complete with quality adverbs and strong adjectives. Made his IEW loving Momma proud.
 Feche is still wading through Life of Fred Algebra. Algebra; my nemesis. Chemistry and Poetry, American Lit- on to Edith Wharton this week, Oral Interp, and as much reading as he can squeeze in.

KB started Unchristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks About Christianity and Why It Matters and I started Unplanned at B & N this week during our weather house arrest break out. Viking Man heard Johnsons' testimony on the radio last week and thought it was fantastic. A definite addition to the library list, along with Unchristian. Gabe Lyons  is a former researcher with Barna and his findings unnerved him to the point of starting Q. Bottom line. Church is not relevant. The good news? Christians aren't called to be. We are called to be counter culture. Hey, I can do that! How do you live that in a way that is counter culture and pro Christ?

Feche, KB and I went out for breakfast this morning and discussed singularity, revelation, personality, free will and other lite topics. Talk to me and I don't sound like a geek. Talk to my husband and you know before the first minute is up that he is one. That, along with the lifetime subscription of Science News, gifted to us by our uber nerdy silicon valley engineering geek friend, Paul, explains many of our conversations. I really think KB was looking for more fluff. Anyone want to breakfast with my lovely daughter and talk about something girlish? (term provided by my uber non-geek adorable and highly pinkish 7 year old).

I am sick of crying. I am sick of being sad. I don't like feeling hammered by emotions and torn up about partings and relationships. I also don't like how death shines a magnifying glass into the corners of my life and causes me to examine things. Seriously. I am so.not.kidding.

I can make fantastic lattes and espresso's at home. Not as well as Miss. R and KB but still. We repurchased a stove top espresso maker at World Market for a whopping $24. Foamy milk is easily produced by whisking as you scald. Inexpensive, easy and ohlala.

Claritin D is our new best friend. Why, with sub-zero temps for days on end and everything frozen solid, why is over half of our family allergy riddled?

My baby turns 8 years old tomorrow. I firmly believe that every Dad should  have a son and every Momma should have a daughter, or 2 or 3. When I was pregnant with my first child, almost a quarter of century ago, I was terrified that I would have a girl. Gender is powerful, is it not, and the morays and expectations that go with it, just as much. Gender is the only attribute that we come in to this world with and can be a gift or a curse, a blessing or a trail. God, in His wisdom, gave me three beautiful girls, 2 of them woman already. I am blessed. Truly.


Faith said...

I'm sorry you're sad. Everyone grieves differently. I think people want to get over grief quickly (of course, it hurts!) but one must be patient with oneself!

I want to read Unplanned too. That's on my to read list (the one that's in my head!).

Deanna said...

#3- our husbands would probably get along great. lol
#4- (((hugs)))

servingHimblind said...

:-) Suzanna was asking how you were doing tonight. I think you are in her thoughts and prayers often. :-)