Friday, August 27, 2010

WR: Week-long FiELd tRip

Vacation is in session! We've had a fun and action packed week. It all started with a trip to De Smet, which you can read about here: on to a time share on the western front. A trip by car took us to Mt. Rushmore! A tribute to men of vision, leadership and intellect and the country of Freedom they founded and protected.

Great faces, N style. I know this is a Momma brag, but aren't these people gorgeous?! They are all kind, respectful, intelligent and nice, too.

Flower was advocating for swimming at this point and kept saying, "quite asking me to smile! My lips hurt!" (chapped from the pool and climate, no doubt)

Another man of vision, intellect and leadership!

Borglum, the man behind the mountain, a man of passion and vision.

Also went on a tour of a mine. Loved this sign...

Ready to go in to the heart of a mine. O.k. Flower was already advocating for swimming (and this was in the morning!)

Standing in awe of the enormity of just part of the Homestake mine, now closed as a gold mining operation.

Panning for gold.

Miners we are not. After hearing about the life of the average miner, we all declared ourselves to be very thankful for our surface dwelling lives!

Miss. R teaching Flower camp songs, "Duh, I ate a CAT!" (it's a funny song, made funnier by the theatrics of the
Lunch in Deadwood, great food, teeny-tiny portions, way over priced, and an atmosphere that made our "G" rated family stick out like the puritanical Jesus Freaks we are.
Other activities of the week included lots of phys ed: Hiking up Terry Peak and along the Mickelson Trail, swimming, swimming, swimming & hot tubing outside at 6500 feet at night with the moon shining bright and the pine trees swaying-oh yea, Birthday partying -Feche Boy turned 16 last week, KB turns 20 on Sunday, hearing of Miss. R's college exploits,reading, of course, talking, oftentimes over each other, much to the consternation of my husband, eating, and enjoying the company of Family. Happy, happy sigh.
We'll be on our way home tomorrow, after a cook-out at the Scenic Look-out, a Star Party hosted by an area astronomy club, more swimming and a detour through the Badlands.


Daisy said...

THAT is my kind of week of school. So much fun!

Kash said...

It sounds like a lovely week. You do have a gorgeous family - even before I read underneath the picture of them, I was thinking "I bet this is a new favorite picture!"

And let me guess - the song was Herman the Worm??

Robyn said...

What a great trip! Loved all the photos! You've got a great family! Thanks for sharing... safe travels back! said...

The song IS Herman the Worm = )!! The kids have had a blast singing it over and over and over again!

Mandy in TN said...

What a great family week- and happy 16th b'day Feche Boy!