Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little House on the Prarie

Feche-boy, Cub, Flower and I planned to leave on vacation a few days before Viking Man and KB who stayed home to work a couple of extra days and to pick up Miss. R from the airport. As we were passing the exit to DeSmet, home of Laura Ingalls Wilder and launching place of the memories that were the basis for "On the Shores of Silver Lake," " The Long Winter" and "The First Four Years." Feche-boy and I looked at each other. "Wanna Go?" I queried. "Yup!" Big smile and off we went. It was soo worth the money and time. We had a BLAST. See the little house? That's the claim shanty Pa built. Very tiny inside, even with the couple of additions. These people were pioneers, I tell you. In my mind that translates into a small bit of lunacy and a very large vision.

School is in session. Our docent was a gentle, elderly lady, a masterful story teller who delighted us all.

Reading a riddle.

My little Prairie Flower.

All of the kids had a chance to drive the team-beautiful Percheron's! And twist a rope, spin wool, churn butter, ride a pony, pet a new foal, make a button toy, catch barn cats and read lots of colorful and enriching information about the Prairie, homesteading and the Ingalls/Wilder families.

In a shanty. Stifling hot!
The entrance to the dug-out. It was much cooler than the shanty, but very dark.

Shanty cookery.

Prairie Schooners were tiny!
It was a wonderful day. We ran into another homeschooling family that was on vacation and Flower and their little girl had so much fun going through the exhibits together. The weather was perfect, the museum was enriching and educational and we all left the museum thoughtful and challenged by the tenacity and courage of the pioneers.


EHT said...

Great pictures!

Tina said...

Oh, that sounds wonderful. We're finishing up Farmer Boy now and loving every second of the series. Next summer, we move forward, unless we just can't wait. What a nice day.

Misty aka Elvisgirl said...

Awesome! I want to go! Actually we'd like to go to all the Little House series spots... maybe someday.