Monday, August 2, 2010


Feche boy spent the afternoon 3 days ago harvesting grapes with Miss. Flower & I. He planted 4 vines 3 years ago and despite one of them being nibbled down by deer has pruned and mulched the remaining. We harvested 37 gallon bags worth with more to come. I'm saving the fun of canning for when KB is home and we can whip up 30 quarts of delicious fresh grape juice an hour. Liquid summer all winter long.

Today we went to our summer Bible Study. So good to sit with friends who share my faith and some of my history and bear each others burdens and rejoice together over life's wins.

Now we're at the library and burdened with books on a wide array of topics: education, humor, neurology, the military, and some biographies. Even though our house is still in serious disarray I feel more secure with books around and the anticipation of discovery through reading.

It is still raining almost nightly but the river is going down as is the water in our basement. It's almost dry enough to set up fans and the dehumidifier. The kids and I have been wheel-barrow hauling fools, building up the earth works around the house and filling in holes in the yard. We are slowly getting weeds and rocks and the mowing under control.

We are all looking forward to our trek to the Hills soon and Flower has been telling everyone, in detail, where we are staying and why and for how long. Miss. R is flying out for part of the week and we are hoping to fit in some visiting with friends on the far side of the state while we are there. Between now and then KB will arrive home and Grandma, Auntie M and Danny will be here for a short visit. Lots to look forward to in between putting our lives back in order.

All of that to say, life is gaining a semblance of normalcy for the first time in months. It's a good feeling.

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Tina said...

Celebrating your normalcy!!!