Saturday, July 17, 2010

What Happens When

This is what happens when the 10 year old is in charge of lunch. SLABS of cheese, rather than slices.
Aforementioned 10 year old chef, showing off our new back door.
This is what happens when you leave master craftsmen in charge of your kitchen. Did you think the cupboards could get any better? And yet, they did! Please note the crown molding and new Espresso stained poplar window trim.
Aforementioned master craftsmen, Keith and Brad. They made the cupboards by hand. They are sturdy and solid and b.a.utiful. These guys Rock!

This is what happens when you leave a teenager alone with not enough to do. They get the water cap stuck on their finger. He really is a bright boy!

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Redradtech said...

That cheese is enough calories for a month!!!!!!!!!