Thursday, July 29, 2010

7 Quick Takes

We're home. 9 months & 7 days after the fire. Kinda felt like a pregnancy, just this time we birthed a house.

Kittens! 3 born the day we arrived back at the acreage. Flower is ecstatic!

We are sleeping dorm-style in the living room instead of the pop-up, thank the Lord, as we've had 4 & 5 inches of rain both nights. Viking Man or Feche Boy are now on Horse and His Boy for bed-time stories. You are never too old. Trust me.

KB leaves again for GA tomorrow. She is back on the campaign trail. If you're in GA, check out Tim Echols for Public Utilities Commissioner.

My random-global self is about shorting out given the vast array and amount of work still waiting for us on the house. My husband says, "just trust me and do everything I say!" - snort!

I have not read a book in 2 weeks. I'm going through with drawl. I haven't watched Stargate Atlantis either and Feche-Boy and I are on the last episode of season II. I still can't stand Wier. Rodney rocks. I have a thang for geeky men. Hence my marriage.

4 birthdays coming up. Feche boy, KB, Moi and Viking Man. We'll be in the Hills for a week to celebrate. Booyah!!

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Amy said...

New to your blog, but best wishes in the new house! I can't imagine starting over after something like that.

I'd be missing the reading, too... I usually have 2 books going at once!

My 7 are posted HERE if you'd like to stop by.  :)

Kash said...

How did KB end up picking Georgia? I'm mainly curious because I am in Georgia, and I don't normally see us as a hotbed of politics attracting people from other states. :)

Hen Jen said...

congratulations on getting back to your house, 9 months- that's really funny.

kittens! can't wait to see pics, nothing cuter than kittens! :)