Sunday, July 25, 2010

He is Good

I hit a wall yesterday. It was coming. Friday I was so exhausted, dizzy, unable to concentrate and just bone tired, but I had a friend here helping me pack up so I muddled through. Saturday was worse, but we were moving so I muddled through another day. Thankfully we had some dedicated old and new friends here and God Bless Betsy and Don and Neil and Mike and Charles and Peter they just kept hauling and serving and laughing.
This morning came around and we still had a boat-load of work to do that had to get done To.Day. The basement needed finished cause after manana we are out of here (the leased house) and need a place to call home and they are finishing the plumbing in the bathrooms on Monday so that we have a shower, which means the mudding needed finished and 2 coats of primer applied before the end of the day both upstairs and down.
But Viking Man had notes that had to get finished (for his day job) before we went out to the property so we ordered out breakfast as a treat for everyone while we waited. I was having a hard time thinking through the order and the manager was helping me with servings sizes and and we started talking. I mentioned we were moving and that was why I was so tired and couldn't think straight and she asked where we were moving from and that led to a discussion about the fire. Miss Pancake Manager Lady said, so compassionately, how sorry she was to hear about our house fire. And we talked for a bit longer and I finally ordered everything and she reiterated how she hoped everything worked out o.k. I said, "it's been hard, but God is good."
She paused, looked me in the eye and smiled, declaring, "Yes, He is." I almost burst into tears, because in that moment, when she looked at me, it was like when Gayla serves communion. She looks you in the eye and says, "Christ died for you." And it's as if it's no longer Gayla, but the Spirit of the One True Living God peering into your soul, seeing you, loving you, claiming you, declaring, "I died for you." And my heart almost bursts with gratitude. Thank-you, Jesus!
This morning as the gal declared God's goodness, it was more than just her speaking. It was Christ shining through her, telling me, reminding me, declaring to me that He is good. That bone tired or no, He is good. That this season will pass and He is good. That in the fire, He is good. That in the heartache He is good. That in the day, no matter what it brings or requires, He is good.

I ordered pancakes and was given a feast for my soul.
And God bless Miss. Pancake Manager Lady! (and thank-you for the extra strawberry crepes to "help make the move easier!!")

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Moonbeam said...

A beautiful benediction. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.