Monday, May 31, 2010

This N That

Little Miss. Flower fell into (my) bed with a smile on her face last night because she got to play at her swing set "at home" yesterday surrounded by her kittens. She is having a marvelous time "cooking" with all manner of items made available by the construction: rocks, sand, dirt, wood chips and shavings, little chunks of concrete, etc. and isn't phased at all by the way the swing-sets are crammed together. She is just happy, happy, happy to be at her little spot, with her little friends, doing her little girl thing.

While Flower played we worked, though she did pitch in for some of it; washing down plaster ceilings and walls on the 2nd floor, along with more miles of floor boards and the built in cabinet, (which continues to smell like incense from the 80's) with odo-ban, which we then painted with sealant. The second floor no longer smells like smoke at all. It smells like 100 proof alcohol. Shewee! Even with face masks on and frequent breaks for fresh air, we were all feeling a little buzzed from the stuff. Continued sanding the stair rail and took hardware off of doors, which we are re-using all around the house once they are re-finished. They are beautiful thick hardwood and will be just lovely re-done.

More sorting of smoked items in the garage today. We are almost done and I can't wait to be finished. I don't think I will ever forget the choking, ashy smoky smell from the fire. Ever.

Spent a couple of hours at the counter top place yesterday picking out counter for the kitchen and bathrooms. The gal helping me was terrific and had so many great ideas. There are so many choices!! I have been all over town with my birch board, with it's host of various stains along with samples of the kitchen hardware. Every time I think I have a clear idea, I make my way to another show-room with 27million other choices and ideas, each more beautiful than the last.

Feche-boy is making his way through Latin, 1/2 way done with Bio and 2/3 finished with Algebra. Poor boy will be working on it throughout the summer, but he is reveling in frequent bike breaks and writing, so I hope that eases the pain a bit.

Family reinforcements from the east will be here in a couple of days to help at the acreage. The notsolittles are doing the daily countdown, waiting eagerly for cousins to arrive!

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