Sunday, May 2, 2010


Chilling with the pooch. KB, Ursa and the mighty Vermilion.
Lilacs on the acreage. We have a 20+ foot long hedge that's probably been around as long as the house, think 8 decades or so. It's fragrance is heavenly.
A nest, woven in amongst our bunk bed slats on the back deck.

Parsley volunteers- yippee! I've read that if parsley can bed it's roots down far enough during the winter it will overwinter just fine. We have 6 bunches already producing- one in the aisle. Delicious in a cheese/mushroom and garlic Fritatta that was tonight's dinner.

What's spring without rhubarb? We have 8 plants that rival the lilac hedge in age. As much as I don't like the fruit I'll be making rhubarb pie for the men in my life that do.


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Shannon O'Donnell said...

Wow! Could you possibly show Spring more beautifully than in those photographs??! I don't think so. Lilacs and blue eggs and rhubarb...oh, my!

Have a great weekend! :-)