Monday, May 24, 2010

House Work

Cause my mil wants more pictures = ).... This is what happens when you leave a contractor, heavy equipment and your front yard alone for the day. The good news is, the new septic and drain field are in and the ruts that the fire trucks left are filled in.
The bad news is that the area is strewn with rocks. Small, medium, large and bigger. Lots and lots of rocks. We spent a lot of time this past week-end raking and hauling rocks. There is a lot more rock-raking to do. Joy.
The other bit of good news is that that whoever was driving the truck really made a big effort to avoid running down existing trees and plants. The strawberries are looking wonderful and running all over the place! Thank-you Thoughtful Truck-driver!
New duct work and pipes everywhere. Shiny is a good look, dontcha' think?

The new back side-walk. We'll have concrete left over from the work in the basement and Contractor Dick thought it would be a great idea to use the left overs to pour a real a sidewalk from the back door. We agree!

The shoot we poured a whole lot of gravel down this week-end to fill the drain tile in the basement. I wanted to get pictures from the other side but the camera battery died. Basically the gravel went down the shoot, was caught by the wheelbarrow which we hauled down and then poured into the trough. It was a lot easier to do with the shoot and the wheelbarrow, but we still hauled a lot of gravel. Between that and raking rocks and mowing the prairie which has sprung up, we had a busy couple of days. I am so grateful for a husband that is S.T.R.O.N.G. He is a gravel hauling, wheel-barrow driving- pouring, prarie cutting machine. On top of all of that we went to 2 graduation parties, a friend's house for dinner (REST) over the week-end and he still got up in this morning, put on professional attire and went to work.
The drain, now covered with gravel. Soon to be covered with cement.

The attic room. Feche Boy has claimed it for his own. Viking Man and I were talking about putting the study up here and Feche-Boy started sputtering and finally came up with, "No backsies!!" I think he really wants this room and I don't blame him. It is everything an attic bedroom should be!
Concrete poured today. Drywalling in the basement starts this week. Cabinets are made, along with the wall sized lockers that Brad created for the front porch and are getting stained. Plumbing work continues. (and we are really grateful for the Porta-Potty that is parked out there in the inerim!).

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