Thursday, May 13, 2010


I've been reading and watching lots of "years of living...." Seems like everyone is on the "living intentionally" bandwagon.
Since the twin hits of fire & funeral my goal has been short and intentional.
Just finish. Get through the school year. Make sure everyone has advanced in their studies, eaten something green occasionally and is happy enough.
With that being said, we made it through another week. Worksheets filled in. CD's listened to. Artwork done. Poems memorized. Biology test taken and essay written. Feche-boy made cookies again, with melted butter instead of softened so they were very thin, but very yummy. Watched a couple of good flicks: Wrinkle in Time, Julie & Julia and The Ultimate Gift, along with Charlotte's Web. The notsolittles are reading, "A Children's Homer" and FecheBoy is reading "10 Greek Cities."

We've all been exhausted, it's been wet, rainy and dreary and Miss. R is still not here, though she is happier there than she's been in a while.
Another week complete, however mundane and uninspired. Finished. Counting it a win.


Mary said...

Yea for moving forward!

Karen said...

Just keep swimming.

The weather here has been awful here too. We had sun and warmth on Sunday, then it has been rain/snow mix and cold and damp the rest of the week. I am ready for summer.

Hurray for the keeping on with the keeping on.

Ruth in NC said...

I hope you don't mind by visiting your blog to respond to your WTM board question but the board wouldn't let me do it there.

Regarding my son's gap year in Israel-
Yes, he has had a great time. And learned a lot, how to shop for groceries, cook meals for 20 friends, find the best bargain at the grocery. Right now he is preparing lunches everyday at a homeless shelter for up to 500 people. He worked in an orphanage for his first 3 months and he loved playing with the little kids. He goes hiking and camping with his buddies every other weekend. We have found it to be quite safe. Well, I worry about the minefields when he is hiking.

I hope your daughter finds something. For Jacob, it has been worthwhile. Is she looking for a gap year program or just away to go to Israel? Susan W. Bauer had some links on her blog back in February for programs abroad. I'll try to link it but if I'm not successful look back at her archives. Maybe there is something there your daughter could use.

I enjoy your blog. It has been on my reader for a few months. It's always nice to find blogs about older kids. I am sorry for all the struggles and sadness you have had this year.

Good luck to both you and your daughter
Ruth in NC

WildIris said...

I think I missed the wagon train. What is "years of living....?"

I agree just getting finished is my goal too. Getting the kids to eat something green occasionally would be a major accomplishment!

Thanks for listing the movies you've watched or books on CD you've listened to. (If I can remember I'm going to make a list of my own.) Charlotte's Web etc. might be some good movies for my DD to watch and read the books. I'd never thought of those movies--thanks

Sending sunny weather your way.

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