Saturday, December 19, 2009

WR: Lowering the Bar

Just thought I'd give it a shot. Bear in mind that this week we lowered the bar.

Monday- spent time with a friend who came over with yet more items for the house. Kids played and did whatever. I think Feche Boy might have read some of the Odyssey. It's Barbie land in the living room and Bionicle World in the family room. Classical Ed world, right here. Ha.
Tuesday - had several false starts on the trip to MN to pick up Rachel for the last leg of her return home. Finally went back home with sacks of Happy Meals and the notsolittles while KB and Feche Boy went to the big city. I worked on inventory sheets. The littles played and watched Santa Clauses 1& 2. I joined them for 3. The older kids returned home with harrowing stories of near fatal car incidents. I think all of our IQ's might have plummeted by a couple of points and my left elbow shows all the signs of a sports injury due to hours spent bent over a computer.
Wednesday - last day of modified TDA. Drama, art. The younger kids made structurally unsound gingerbread houses and trees, had a blast on the play-ground and gym. We did finish up Pilgrim's Progress, which the kids loved. KB was aghast that we read the kids a story where everyone died in the end and wanted to know if it was written during the Black Plague. Uh, no. The older kids had serious play practice as Tantara season has officially begun. Actually ate salad with dinner. Could cause a gastronomical revolution.
Thursday - went through piles of clothes with Miss. R. I think Feche-Boy and Cub read a little. Flower and I read stories, first her, then me. I love the level books. Returned items to Stuff Mart- broken stuff straight from the box. ugh.
Friday- returned more items that won't work/don't fit to 4 different stores. Went Christmas shopping with Miss.R. Reviewed the events and stresses of the last 3 months. Given how well everything turned out there is still a lot that just didn't turn out well.
Met up with friends from Rapid who gifted us with yet more toys/curriculum. We have been overwhelmed with kindness.
Viking Man and I finally used a year old gift card and celebrated our June anniversary by going out to a nice restaurant. It was great to sit across from each other, hold hands and order whatever we wanted from the menu. His body temp runs hot, or at least warm and while I get cold in September and thaw around late May, he is usually peeling off layers. I'm huddled in the corner shivering and he's sweating. I would say opposites attract but I get hung up on the line in Treasure Planet where Dr. Doppler says, "you know what they say, "opposites, well, repel, actually, but...." so I'll just drop it. Did a little more Christmas shopping. Actually I think the majority of our Christmas items can be counted under replacement items on our insurance claim. Twofer.
The insurance company totaled out the house. Love the check. Too bad most of it doesn't belong to us. New relationships to be formed at the bank. Thank-God our mortgage was held by a local bank. Really appreciating our claims adjuster.

Friends that we know from Pierre not only sent us a box of brand new curriculum but also a box of wrapped and wonderful advent gifts. It has been a high light for the notsolittles to read and open a present each evening. Last night Cub unwrapped bathtub crayons and both of them woke up wanting baths. What a sweet blessing. And I'm so behind thank-you cards. But every.single.night. I thank God for the Borah family and their generous act of kindness that has blessed our family so much.

The big news of the week is that no-one keeled over from Fast Food Poisoning and everyone survived everyone elses mood swings. "I'm not a therapist or anything (unless you live here or are related to Viking Man or I) but I think s/he suffers from mood disorders." Still sorting out the tragedy and blessings of the last several months. Another week survived. I call it a win.


Our Westmoreland School said...

A few years from now (once everything has so settled as to become normal) you'll be able to see all the blessings. Especially the ones that really didn't seem like blessings at the time.


It's incredible to believe things can be normal again. Or that normal starts to resemble what was normal, before catastrophe. It does though :)

Have a Merry Christmas!

Redradtech said...

Wow!!! What a busy life. I really believe that god is going to bless you beyond belief before this is all over. You are such an inspiration to me. I am so thankful I know you.


PS Matt is in Afghanistan. Loves it actually. Says it is beautiful when the sun sets.

Daisy said...

ROFLOL. I ♥ your week. It was awesome! I feel so normal now.