Sunday, December 13, 2009

On Kingship & Intimacy

Heard a sermon on Friday night about knowing God intimately. Knowing God intimately. Knowing God in such a deep and personal way that we are transparent and transformed by knowing Him, for intimacy does that to us and for us.

I know my husband's hands. I know them by sight or touch. I've held his hands for over a quarter of a century and I know that they will be warm, well-manicured, gentle, strong and confident, creative and expressive. I know that if they are shaking he's hungry, if they are cold he's sick. I know my husband's hands as well as my own and I love his hands. I know the attributes of them, the feel, the scent, the touch. I am intimately acquainted with them and they have changed me..... do I know the attributes of God as well? Do I see and feel and hear and smell who God is? Am I intimately acquainted with Him?

I've been impressed in the last 3 years about the Lord's kingship. I've had pictures in my mind's eye about His throne room, His throne, His majesty. Our smallness. Our humanity in light of HIM, the great I AM. That we are only significant in light of all He's created because He allows us to be. That, as vassals, we wouldn't even be invited in to the Holy of Holies without a personal invitation. But, in His Grace, He invites us in. He includes us in His Glory. He says, "Come, dine at my table, dance at my wedding, be my son, my daughter, my beloved." And in His Glory, His divinity, His majesty and splendor He says, let me get to know you. Follow so closely in my footsteps that the dust of heaven kicks up in your face and covers you with it's Glory. Follow me as Your King and I'll know you as my beloved.
Known and loved by the King.
A blessed Sabbath.

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