Thursday, December 17, 2009


My life has been about sheets lately. First off, some friends from church, who happen to own a furniture store, among the many other things they do vocationally and avocationally, blessed our family with beds. Nice beds. Pillow top, comfy, fall into bliss beds. If you are in the market for quality, beautiful furniture and great customer service visit our friends, the Klein's, at
Platte Furniture Mart: 518 Main Street Platte, SD 57369(605) 337-3028.

It's been a lot of fun decorating aforementioned beds. We've been gifted with soft, warm, beautiful sheets and comforters from friends from all over. Flower was given a too cute bed set with tea pots and flowers. The boys were given custom made American Indian motive sets, and KB has stuck with down. The generosity of God's people has continued to blow us away.When I'm not sleeping on my comfy bed I've been filling out inventory sheets for the insurance company. As we off-loaded the contents of the house to the gravel truck we wrote down as much descriptive information as we could. Now I am assigning a price per line-item. It's kinda of interesting as it's virtual shopping for what we've already owned but it also gets pretty tedious. There are sheets and sheets of these pages, 30 lines to a page. I've had to laugh a couple of times because of few of the items that we received for our wedding are now classified as antiques. Seriously. And most of the stuff that I have from my mom, mother-in-law, and grandma are totally in that category. It's been an interesting look into the value of "stuff"as well as a look at the evolution of items. For instance, the sewing box my mom had from when she was a kid, and was a classic plastic box, with little drawers in it, has morphed into zippered, plastic, sectioned, high-faluting storage units that micro-manage your projects. I'm thankful that if we had to have a fire, it was done after the advent of google. I asked our claims adjuster what people did before Internet and he said, "wondered the aisles of WalMart"- egads. While googling item values by internet isn't on my top 30 Fun-things-to-do list, wandering the isles of StuffMart finding prices would send me to 4th floor somewhere fast.
In other news Miss. R is home for a short break from college. We haven't had washer and dryer facilities for over a week and while there is plenty of room for her to sleep, clean sheets and towels have been a different story. Once we get our set hooked-up we'll be focusing on cleaning sheets.
Sheets, sheets and more sheets.

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Redradtech said...

Boy, how tedious it must be to make that list. I guess it might put a bit of perspective on "stuff" I pray that God's family will bless you beyond belief and that you will have an abundance when this is all over with.