Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Tonight the kids went swimming and KB and I sat watching, laughing, reading the non-informative paper, making fun of the "news" and texted back and forth, roaring with laughter at our own silliness and stupidity. Later we went on Craigslist and looked at furniture and possibilities cause we need pretty much a house worth-full and it didn't surprise me too much that we liked the same stuff.
We went on friends Face book pages and KB pretended to be me and vice versa and we left goofy messages.
I like my kids. Especially as they become adults and morph into like-minded friends. One of life's profound and simple pleasures.


Debbie said...


Redradtech said...

Just caught up on all of your posts. Glad you found a place to live. I know it will be a change. Not as much outdoor space for the kiddos to roam. It is funny, all those things you treasured, I would have been glad to do away with!! heehee. Chopping wood doesn't cut it with me, and if I cook much, it is fast and simple. You are quite a woman!!! I hope that our paths will cross again. I so would love to see you!!! Call when you have a chance. I work weekends.

servingHimblind said...

Aha. So THATS where that facebook post came from!!!