Friday, April 3, 2009

I am continuing with my Chaim Potok fest-currently reading, "My Name is Asher Lev." Another gripping account of post WWII, with lots of references to pogroms, Stalin and Jew haters. The gist of the story, though, is about a Hassidic Jew who is a progeny in art. He chooses between the life of his parents, his traditions, his legacy and the gift that burns within him. How many of us walk in the paths of our parents dreams and how many of us break away to live what we discover on our own? Frankly, I have found the "launching" season of child-rearing to be the most "stretching." Full of my own ideas, thoughts, experience and wisdom; yet trying to give my kids the room and resources they need to venture out without fulfilling my agenda. I love that line on National Treasure, "Can't it just say, 'Find the treasure here. Spend wisely." Wouldn't it be easier to just tell the kids where to go, what to do? Guess we made some choices earlier on in our parenting career to be principal rather than rule based and that cancels out so many directives. KB has complained lately that there are almost too many choices.
Cub and Flower have a phrase, "Momma, did you know?"- said in a singsongy lilt, full of wonder and the joy of sharing. This week, "Didyaknows?" including information about SpiderMan, which they have never seen, Transformers & Cars, which they have, to Stalin, Tieneman Square, snakes that lubricate their eyes with their tongues and Stonewall Jackson. Cub could not believe that I was old enough to remember Tieneman Square and decided that I must be far older than even he realized.
"They kill people the way people kill mosquitoes. What kind of human being kills another human being that way? To kill a human being is to kill also the children and the children's children that might have come from him down through all the generations." (C. Potok). How short sighted as a nation we have become. Our current administration pushes the agenda of "choice," while literally killing our countries most precious natural resource: people. See, and here Heavenly ironies, indeed.
Read the notsolittles a lovely book last night, "Pennies for a Hundred," by Bethlehem Books. The book is about German POW's who are shipped to America to help back fill jobs that are understaffed due to the WWII. It is a lovely read, with beautiful pictures and I found myself getting choked up towards the end, as the POW's sang Stille Nacht as a Christmas present to an American family. The universal language of music, faith and family traditions were poignantly captured in the pages of this little children's book. If you are a bibliophile and haven't yet discovered this terrific company, hit the link now and enjoy

Found myself perusing Classical Ed links a lot this week and looking at job posts around the country (true confessions of a homeschooling mom with a raging head cold). We've moved around a lot in life and the thought of picking up and moving is not intimidating, au contrair; it is more the thought of an undiscovered adventure. Where is "home' these days? The Midwest is my standard answer but not having lived there for 25 years diminishes the reply. Besides, I've spent too many years under Big Skies, and that I know I like. Home is where the heart is, but frankly, I'm not sure that my heart is in the Dakota territories....blizzards, wind storms, and all. Frankly, we're not that far removed from when and where Laura Ingalls Wilder was writing; think "The Long Winter." Maybe that's what I'm rambling on about- it has been a long winter. More freezing rain and snow forcasted this week-end.
Have entered into discussions of late on stock-piling and preparedness- always a good idea, but just one more thing to organize. What are your thoughts?
Gearing up to order curriculum for the next school year. KB will be graduated and we'll be back down to 3 students. I have a goal sheet that I work from: goals, course, curriculum. The priority is on the goal, not the curriculum; though for high school it almost seems that they become one and the same. Sticking with Omnibus for sure, as well as others we've used this year. Scouts will probably re-emerge as an activity and I am really contemplating the NCFCA. I love Tantara but the NCFCA is more about scholarships and professional development. Again, though we are in a region that spans from almost the great lakes to the Pacific and I hate driving. If we can switch regions and I can pitch successfully to Viking Man we might go for it. Our friends, the Willoubhy's from WI participate and we saw Tricia and Laina give beautiful performances from the Sin Eater and Cheaper by the Dozen (the original by the Gilbreth's, not the newer Steve Martin version- get the original- both book and DVD for LOL fun!) last week-end. Our kids sat enraptured by the story and the story-telling and assured me that we too could do it. Which, of course, we could. Fitting it all in is the real challenge.

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Redradtech said...

Re: stockpiling; I sort of have a small amount of canned things. Easy to open and eat.
About moving again: go for it. I think God has called you to the great state of Texas. Kind of in my back yard!!! heehee It would be great for me to have you here, maybe not for you though. Hardly ever any snow and maybe one good cold snap for a few weeks (20 Degrees a few days) Come and join us!!!!