Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What is Education?

This was a recent question lately on TWTM boards and one that was addressed with skill and wisdom in The Classical Teacher. Author Peter Kreeft states that
"an education, e-ducare, is a leading -out and leading-up into the light. It is a change, like an operation or a birth, a change in the student. It is a change from darkness to light,from small mind to large mind, that is, from ignorance to knowledge, and (much more important) from folly to wisdom.

Education, as classically conceived, is not primarily for citizenship, or for making money, or for success in life, or for a veneer of "culture," or for escaping your lower-class origins and joining the middle class, or for professional or vocational training, whether the profession is honorable, like auto repair, or questionable, like law; and whether the profession is telling the truth, like and x-ray technician, or telling lies, like a advertising or communications or politics. The first and foundational purpose of education is not external but internal; it is to make the little human a little more human; bigger on the inside....

If in fact this life is a gymnasium to train for another, sterner combat-than the ultimate purpose of classical education is there. ...

,,,classical education lead to Christianity because classical education seeks all truth for it's own sake, it open to all truth, is a truth-seeking missile, and according to Christ, all who seek, find. Non-Christian are not seekers, or, if they are, they are not non-Christians for long."

Veritas semper una est. The truth is always one.

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