Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Parellel Societies. Threat or the Essence of Freedom?

Homeschoolers in Germany have been having a tough time for the past several years, as anyone who follows international news would know. Currently a family is seeking asylum in the U.S. so that they can pursue the freedom to parent their children, rather than have the state do it for them in ways that they find reprehensible. Hey, I thought the E.U. was all for multi-culturalism? This shows just how far that goes. The U.N. Rights of the Child is determined to take the right to parent our children from each and every one of us. I'm standing on the rights of the U.S. Constitution and Liberty. Hopefully, enough lawmakers will do the same so that we can continue to live free.


The old Prussian system lives on. It's the view that if Christians are allowed to homeschool then the Muslims will be allowed to do the same thing. The German gov is scared, because the rise of the EurAbia phenomenon. It is a real fear, they are losing their society to the Muslims due to thir own short sightedness (their own birth control) and they can't make exceptions for the Christians.
As the article stated, homeschooling (and in this case, Christianity) does create a parallel society. If a state sees this as a problem, it follows logically the persecution will shortly follow, if it isn't already here. Anti-semitism is also on the rise in Europe because of this problem. Jews are also seen as a parallel society and this, combined with latent Islamic anti-Semistism, encourages the marginal and impulsive to act out in reprehensible ways.
If America doesn't grant this family asylum is will show that we continue to be short sighted about what is happening globally; we will be betraying our own legacy.