Friday, April 17, 2009

WR: No Witty Title (an IEW bad).

It was a week of fresh air.
Flower finished AlphaPhonics by reading words like syllable and gymnasium. Not bad for a little squirt who turned 6 at the end of January. She has also been adding and subtracting like mad, putting numbers in order and learning place value.
Cub has been working through the Figural/Visual Book #3 from Critical Thinking Press. We haven't used Critical Thinking workbooks for awhile- they are every bit as excellent as I remembered.
I've been reading Little House in the Big Woods to the notsolittles. I read the entire series out loud just a couple of years ago and lo and behold both Flower and Cub remembered sections from it. They are still enjoying every word. I'm a little sad in a way that Flower is not bringing Berenstain Bears and Curious George to me to read every night. We've turned a corner in her development and we are fresh out of pre-schoolers around here. Of course, it's easier in a way- though older kids demand just as much time and probably more effort (just different) on the part of parents.

FB and KB worked through Latin, Logic and Math, along with IEW. Fahrenheit 451 consumed a day of KB's world and we've spent lots of time discussing the significance and relevance of it.
We went to the local Tea Party on Wednesday and Bible Study on Tuesday.
The weather has been lovely- few bugs, high 50's or 60's. The kids are hungry for the outside world and have been spending every spare minute in it, reveling in frogs and bugs and birds found. Feche boy found a killdeer nest, wild turkeys and we are on the look-out for the old craggy snapping turtle that meanders through our yard each spring.
Have a great week-end! Hope your week was successful and all that you hoped!!


Robin of My Two Blessings said...

Sounds like a great week. James goes in cycles and even though he is 9 we still read curious george. She'll revisit them at another point and get something new out of them.

Paige said...

Looks like a great week, thanks for sharing it.