Thursday, January 8, 2009

WR: Spring Semester Begins

I admit it was hard to come back after 3 weeks of fun and play, flicks and fru-fru reading. All of that being said, we had a good week back.

Memory Work - I received Living Memory over break-woohoo! and as a result tweaked our memory work just a bit. We added the Grammar Catechism-this alone is worth the price of the book! We are doing Logos' Geography sound-off. Flower is stuck thinking that each states capital is Augusta! We continue to review John 1 in Latin just to nail it and are learning many of the Latin vocab words. Science is coming from LM these days and we are learning Psalm 100. VP cards are on-track. The 3 older kids have them down solid, without the picture prompt. Flower attempts but needs lots of hints. Cool fun fact. Miss R emailed from college and is probably doing a report for Baptist History on Roger Williams- whom we know as the Founder of Rhode Island. Love the VP cards!

Christian Studies II begins. Cub has been asking to start for several days and was thrilled when we finally did. How is that for love of learning, not to mention great curriculum?! I'm going to photocopy the maps so that every one has their own this time around.

Omnibus II- we got really bogged down last semester due to the TM being on a disc which required me to go upstairs. We are back on track. Feche boy will finish The Incarnation this week.

AlphaPhonics- Flower is on board with me to be finished by TeenPact. She is trying to read Berenstain Bear books to herself!

Traditional Logic II- ordered and waiting for it to arrive.

Math- Cub continues to complete 2 pages a day. Flower has been playing Math Blaster daily and the older kids continue to get tutoring from Dad. I so don't like Saxon. I'm going to investigate Chalkdust for next year.

Classical Rhetoric- KB is on lesson 14 and is spending each day working ahead on a new lesson and typing up the old lessons. It's an IEW program so it's great stuff!

Drama - is coming along nicely. Costumes are done and music is selected. The dance portion needs more work as do the transitions-there are a lot- but we are on track time-wise. Because it's so intense I've asked the kids to bring a joke or riddle to share. The last 15 minutes when we are all laughing is the best = ). Last week, Cub brought Break the Ice and the kids had an on-going competition depending who was on stage at the time.

Co-op- starts back tomorrow. We have more awesome field trips and guest speakers planned. We'll get back to Poetry in the morning. The younger kids are going to alternate science and art each week to give themselves plenty of time to enjoy the lessons. We plan to start the Logos Shakespeare study in February with a Shakespeare play later on this spring.

Art- the boys have been drawing regularly and are looking forward to art lessons beginning again. KB and I are going to get through Artistic Pursuits for Sr. High this spring.

Latin- I need workbooks. Again, it's a simple pragmatic something that holds me back and hangs me up. To be ordered. We are getting through LC II this spring and Prima Latina! Yes we are!

Movie- We watched Masada this week. Wow. It was very interesting with terrific acting by screen great Peter O'Toole. Still and all, the story is disturbing. I'm grateful that our choices in life are more mundane than death or slavery.

TeenPact- downloaded homework for Feche-boy and Cub. Our state class is growing, we have an awesome team of Mom's on board and Tim Echols will be at our class in person this year. Check it out:

Seems like January and February are especially busy round here due to the Festival of One Act Plays, the Winter Warm-Up and TeenPact. Our Christmas decorations are still up, as usual, but the lights make the cold, sometimes dreary winter days more homey. It's nice to be settled in with a book, a good cuppa something hot and twinkle lights, eh?

How was your week? What did you tweak for the new semester?


Anonymous said...

Ok, I am putting in a request for a Classical Rhetoric and Traditional Logic review!:)

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Fru fru reading, eh? How funny, that's exactly what *I* did over the break and I can tell, when trying to get into more brainy books.

Your school looks really good - I like the curricula you've chosen.

Robin M said...

finally found the time to come see your weekly report. Sounds good. It is difficult to start back after that 3 week break. We are tweaking the curriculum but none of my stuff arrived for last week. Will be reviewing this week and get started integrating new stuff next week. My living memory book is floating around on fedex criss crossing the country. It got lost. Can't wait for it to get here.

Enjoy your week.


Rhonda said...

What a wonderful and productive week you all had!
I am hearing about Living Memory almost everywhere I turn so it must be great. I really need to look into that more.
As far as what we're changing for this semester, we have begun chemistry after completing our anatomy study.
Have a great week!