Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Grammar of Poetry- Curriculum Review

The Grammar of Poetry by Matt Whitling is part of the Imitation in Writing series published by Logos School Academy.

The Grammar of Poetry is just that, the system of rules and principles used in poetry. There are 30 lessons in the book, which can be used as a quick intensive, semester-long or year-long study. It is recommended for use in 6th grade but it is certainly usable through high school. I would recommend it for students who can think abstractly.

The first lessons introduce and define poetry, simile and rhyme, types of poems and how to read a poem. Rhyming Dictionaries are also introduced. Metaphor is covered and then 2 lessons on meter. At lesson 9 the pace picks up with every other lesson focusing on a figure of speech or meter.

Figures of speech covered include metaphor, simile, pun, personification, synecdoceh, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, alliteration, theoretical question, refrain, oxymoron, and euphemism. Spacial poetry is also included. Meters covered are Iamb, Trochee, Anapest, Dactyl, Refrain.

Lessons include practice and review, student writing samples, stanzas for students to discover the meters, definitions, as well as lots of opportunity for the student to create their own poetry as well as memorize great poems. Riddles are included throughout.

I have found this to be an excellent addition to our writing program as it introduces advanced stylistic techniques and gives the student an excellent basis for understanding poetry. At $20 per copy The Grammar of Poetry is a lot of bang for your academic buck.

You can order The Grammar of Poetry through Logos Academy


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Thanks for such a wonderful review!

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Great review! You may be interested to know that a video-course version of The Grammar of Poetry is going to be released soon! I work for the company that is producing it - you can check it out here:

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