Thursday, January 15, 2009

WR: Schedule Disrupted.

This was an odd- week.
Monday: We were going to have play practice but had a blizzard instead so came home after driving 1/2 way to town. The roads were getting icier and I was afraid of white out conditions. Schedule disrupted. We watched Sound of Music and drank copious amounts of hot chocolate and tea. Viking Man's entire schedule was cancelled so we were all home with the wind howling. Better that than him on the road to his out of town office.
Tuesday: I had to run in to town (40 min away) with Viking Man to pick up the other van that was having the 2nd deer-hit-damage-of-the-season repaired. His schedule was changed last minute so I waited in town for him, went to thrift shops and picked up the rest of the kids cosutmes for the One Act. See left for 2 cutie-patooties modeling our "butterfly" masks. Dropped Viking Man off and got home around 1:30. Schedule disrupted.
Wednesday: left at O'dark:30 for Rapid. Made it to the Family Policy Council luncheon where my fellow TeenPact state coordinator, Mrs. W and I gave a 2min presentation on TP to 90+ people. Great reponse. The kids went on to Mrs. W's house to play the day away and Viking Man and I met with his friend, a professional author. A delightful afternoon! Back to the W's house for a wonderful dinner, and then the kids went to Awanas. Viking Man and I met with a group that are working on developing a classical college in the area- fun, fun, fun.
Back to the W's house to eat home-canned pickles, play games and laugh some more. Aren't like-minded friends just THE BEST?!
Ran into Kristy K- from my M.F.T. program at the church the Awanas program was held in- 6 hours from us. It really is a small world, isn't it?
Thursday: Got up at O'Dark:30 to get Viking Man back to his out-of-town office in time to see clients. The kids and I had left a car there, so we went home to clean out the car, do laundry and get ready for
Friday. Co-op, drama, grocery shopping. Which will be a regular Friday for us despite the rest of the week.
Home to negative 10 degree weather with the sun up. At least the wind wasn't blowing.
We did do the Grammar Catechism several times this week as well as the VP cards. KB and Feche Boy worked on Poetry, some math, and IEW. The rest of the week we caved in to fellowship and sundries. I like that word. 'Specially since it has the word "sun" in it = )
How did your week go? Did you get done what you had hoped to?


Anonymous said...

We had a good week - I'm sure you'll get everything caught up next week.

O'Dark:30. I'll have to remember that one!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you live in a place much like we do...we are at the mercy of the weather this time of year! Ice, snow, frigid temps. We get derailed sometimes, too, but there's always tomorrow!